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    Gali, Toa of Water
    Lego code8533
    Number of pieces35
    MaskBlue Kaukau
    ActionSwimming Motion
    AvailabilityReadily available worldwide
    Alternate model(s)Toa Kaita Wairuha (with Lewa & Kopaka)
    Bionicle importanceVital (one of six main heroes)

    Official Description
    Gali is the only female Toa and incredibly wise-perhaps wiser than all the other five Toa put together.  The villagers of Ga-Koro are incredibly loyal to Gali and believe she is the sustainer of life.  But if she gets angry, look out -- tidal waves and rainstorms flood the island!  Gali is the most agile and gymnastic of the six Toa.  She has incredible jumping abilities and her own brand of acrobatic self-defense.  The only things that can slow her down are excessive heat and drought.

    Gali is at home both in and near the waters of Lake Naho.  She swims quickly through the waterfalls that plunge down into the icy water, using her two hooked arms to grab onto rocks and cliffs.  She works in harmony with the waters, which help to protect her in times of danger.

    The Toa of Water keeps a cool head and is often the mediator or decision-maker among the warrior spirits.  She formed a bond with Takua, the Chronicler, during the first battle with Makuta deep under ground in Mangaia, Makuta’s lair.

    We first meet Gali in Ga-Koro, leaping out of the water to defend Nokama and the rest of her villagers from a Tarakava with an infected mask.  After battling the Rahi and stripping it of its infected Kanohi, she joined the other Toa in defense of the island.  Together with Lewa’s elemental powers, she helped defend the Toa and the island from a swarm of Bohrok by creating hurricane-like storms.  She was almost fried by a group of Tahnok, but managed to swim to safety in time.

    Gali is a very strong character, perhaps in deference to her being outnumbered by males 5:1.  She presents a good role model as a compassionate, wise, yet forceful Toa, balanced between strength and nurture.  The story mentions that she is female but does not display many of the stereotypes or innuendos that might be associated with her gender.  She is treated by all within the story as simply one of six mighty Toa, no better or worse or different, and is not coddled or deferred to because of gender.

    Tahu and Gali have at times shown interest and more than mutual respect for each other, but as with all things LEGO, will undoubtedly not exceed a G rating.

    The original Toa are currently being discontinued and are generally being discounted until they sell.

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