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    Tahu: Toa of Fire
    Lego code8534
    Number of pieces33
    MaskRed Hau
    WeaponFire Sword
    AvailabilityReadily available worldwide
    Alternate model(s)Toa Kaita Akamai (with Pohatu and Onua)
    Bionicle importanceVital (one of six main heroes)

    Official Description
    Tahu is the fiercest of the six Toa, and the most feared--you don't want to get into a fight with Tahu if you can help it.

    He is most at home in the hot molten world of the Mangai Volcano where he surfs on lava flows, using his sword of flames to cut through rocks and keep the lava moving towards the ocean.

    His flaming temper can make him hotheaded and irrational sometimes.  He has the least patience of the Toa and often jumps into a situation without thinking, which can get him, and the other Toa, into trouble!

    Tahu arrived on the shores of Mata Nui in a canister, like the other Toa.  His footprints lead away from the beached canister into the blackened forest near the village of Ta-Koro.  Jala, captain of the Ta-Koro guard, tracks the intruder and along with his company captures Tahu in a teepee of sharpened sticks, which Tahu incinerates with his fire sword.

    Tahu appears to be the unofficial leader of the Toa.  His mask, the Hau, is a feature that is frequently used to identify the entire Bionicle line of toys, and he often appears to be the one first into danger, or reaching consensus among the other Toa.

    The original Toa are currently being discontinued and are generally being discounted until they sell.

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