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    Lewa, Toa of Air
    Lego code8535
    Number of pieces36
    MaskGreen Miru
    ActionSwinging Axe Arm
    AvailabilityReadily available worldwide
    Alternate model(s)Toa Kaita Wairuha (with Gali & Kopaka)
    Bionicle importanceVital (one of six main heroes)

    Official Description
    Lewa is supremely competent with aerial activities.   He glides through the air with ease while jumping from tree to tree.  His axe effortlessly slices through trees and vines as he climbs through his jungle around Kauae Bay.  Lewa prefers to inhabit the treetops because he is somewhat clumsy on land and flat surfaces.

    Lewa is quick to jump to conclusions -- and he's the first to get into trouble.  But his instincts are often true, and his hunches frequently turn out to be correct.  If there's a fight, he's always the first to jump in, protecting others before himself.

    The youngest Toa, Lewa frequently falls victim to the evils that threaten the island of Mata Nui.  He was introduced by being captured in a Rama hive, which would have been his end if Onua had not shown up in time to remove the infected mask he wore.  Once freed from Makuta’s grip, Lewa joined his fellow Toa and was invaluable in helping defeat Makuta in his deep lair of Mangaia.

    Soon after that victory, Lewa once again was taken over by evil, this time in the form of a Krana.  Eventually he freed himself with assistance from his erstwhile savior Onua, who talked him through removing the evil-looking facehugger.  His repeated takeovers make the other Toa somewhat nervous, but they accept him nevertheless.

    Lewa may be the most accident-prone of the six warrior spirits, but he is also one of the best-rounded personalities next to Tahu.  Lewa has shown a serious and unwavering commitment to defending the island and his villagers, and in supporting his Toa peers.  He also has been shown to have a sense of humor.

    One puzzle of Lewa is his elemental power.  His Miru has the power of levitation, but his color is green and he is associated with the treetops of Le-Koro.  His Bohrok counterpart, Lehvak, is the Swamp Bohrok, while all the other Bohrok match up with their Toa counterparts’ elemental powers (ice, fire, earth, water, stone).

    Like the rest of the Toa, Lewa is slated to be replaced by Lewa Nuva (September 2002).

    The original Toa are currently being discontinued and are generally being discounted until they sell.

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