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    Onua, Toa of Earth
    Lego code8532
    Number of pieces30
    MaskBlack Pakari
    ActionDigging Action
    AvailabilityReadily available worldwide
    Alternate model(s)Toa Kaita Akamai (with Pohatu and Tahu)
    Bionicle importanceVital (one of six main heroes)

    Official Description
    Onua is at home below ground.  With his huge hands he scrapes out tunnels in the rocky cliffs over Papu Niho Reef.  His low, squat body and head allow him to move quickly in tunnels and his infrared eyes give him amazing night vision.

    In daylight his eyesight is poor, although he compensates with amazingly powerful hearing.  He is slower on open land than underground, but has incredible strength and surprising dexterity.

    Onua is at one with the land.  He can hear trouble coming from miles away, and on occasion can even persuade the landscape to do his bidding-which is very useful when under attack.

    Along with the other Toa, Onua defends the island of Mata Nui from the evil Makuta and the threat of the Bohrok swarms.  Onua is mostly silent but is always there when his fellow Toa need a hand.  His single largest solo escapade was actually against Lewa, whose mind fell under Makuta’s control after being overcome with an infected Kanohi.  Onua burst from the floor in a Rama hive and battled infected Lewa, managing to finally dislodge the evil mask.  He then levitated Lewa’s green Miru to him, and all were saved.

    As part of the Toa Kaita Akamai, he battled Makuta and won, only to face the threat of the Bohrok swarms and their overlords, the Bahrag twins.

    Onua was the original Toa poster boy in LEGO’s in-box advertisements, but was later replaced by Tahu.  Onua’s sleek black Pakari, reminiscent of a hockey mask, may have made the audience unsure whether he was a good guy or a bad guy: dark, ominous, hulking, wearing his Jasonesque Kanohi may have been too much for LEGO’s marketing department to sell.

    The Toa of Earth is one of the more mysterious Toa, whose character has yet to be completely nailed down by the comics and online games.

    Like the rest of the Toa, Onua is slated to be replaced by Onua Nuva (September 2002).

    The original Toa are currently being discontinued and are generally being discounted until they sell.

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