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    Pohatu, Toa of Stone
    Lego code8531
    Number of pieces49
    MaskBrown Kakama
    WeaponKoli Ball
    ActionKick (gear at back)
    AvailabilityReadily available worldwide
    Alternate model(s)Toa Kaita Akamai (with Onua and Tahu)
    Bionicle importanceVital (one of six main heroes)

    Official Description
    Pohatu is so immensely strong that he can literally move mountains.  He can make massive rocks explode like bombs or roll with great precision towards an attacker.  His huge feet contain great power, smashing even the most unyielding stones with a single kick!

    All the Toa like Pohatu for his kind nature and for his rock-solid dependability.  He's slow, but friendly and reliable.  He's not good at snap decisions, but when he makes a decision to do something, he stands firm until the end -- so DON'T get in his way!  Whenever there is trouble, Pohatu will always be there behind you, an immovable force that few enemies can dislodge.  His only fear is water: he cannot swim, and he a stone.

    Pohatu inhabits the foothills of Mount Ihu, moving slowly but sure-footedly among the rocks and boulders at the base of the great mountain.

    As one of the six heroes of the Bionicle saga, Pohatu is the guardian "spirit" of a village, in this case Po-Koro, located in the desert foothills surrounding Mt. Ihu. His mask lends him enormous speed, which he used to great effect during his battle with the Nui-Jaga in the stone quarry outside Po-Koro.

    After joining with his fellow Toa, Pohatu’s first quest of finding each Kanohi was rewarded when he received a gold Kakama from the Suva of Po-Wahi (literally, "temple of the region of Pohatu").  By literally joining with Tahu and Onua, he became part of the Toa Kaita Akama, and descended into the Kini-Nui (central temple) into the region of the evil Makuta.  There, as part of Akamai, he fought the guardians of Makuta, the Manas, and was triumphant.  Forming into his familiar self, Pohatu and the Toa defeated Makuta (at least for a while) deep underground and were returned to the surface to face the new threat of the Bohrok.

    Pohatu’s latest act of heroism was to rescue Hafu, who bravely blocked the entrance to Po-Koro in an effort to keep the Bohrok Swarm outside the walls of his village.  Pohatu rescued the sculptor and both retreated to the relative safety of Po-Koro.

    Pohatu’s feet are built to kick.  His massive feet and legs are geared to whack a "koli" ball, a nod to the world’s most popular sport (named "soccer" in the US and "football" just about everywhere else).  The animations and comics have given him a boyish air of innocence and mischief, evidenced by his moonwalk after a particularly satisfying kick, or by winking at Hafu as he’s rescuing the sculptor from a swarm of Tahnok.

    Unlike the other five Toa, Pohatu’s body piece is upside down, in order to give him a better stance for kicking.  This means he does not fit into the Exo-Toa unaltered, a shortcoming shared by his upgrade, Pohatu Nuva.

    The original Toa are currently being discontinued and are generally being discounted until they sell.

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