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    Nuju, Turaga of Ko-Koro
    Role Village Elder
    Lego code 8544
    Number of pieces 30
    SRP US$2.99
    Ages 7+
    Mask Gray Matatu
    Village Ko-Koro
    Weapon Ice Pick
    Availability Readily available worldwide
    Must-Have Rating Secondary

    Official Description
    Turaga Nuju is the protector of Kopaka's legend. Nuju has great vision and seems to have more time to react to situations than anybody else. His Kanohi Matatu (mask of telepathy) amplifies these gifts, allowing him to move objects with his mind. It is said that he can tell stories that last for days, using gestures and whistles that only Matoro can interpret. Some find Nuju aloof and uncaring, but he shows his feelings in different ways--like through his generous deeds.

    Nuju's tool is the Ice Pick.

    Nuju frequently speaks in riddles and gives advice not easily understood.

    The six Turaga joined together to for the Turaga Nui at one point, to defend their villages.

    Rumor has it the six Turaga will be discontinued sometime this year.

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