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    Maku, Matoran of Ga-Koro
    Role Villager
    Lego code N/A
    Number of pieces 8
    Ages 3+
    Mask Blue Huna
    Village Ga-Koro
    Weapon Disc
    Secondary Model(s) Matoran Kaita (with 2 other Matoran); Matoran Nui (with 5 other Matoran)
    Availability Promo; no longer available
    Must-Have Rating Secondary

    Official Description
    Maku lives in the village of Ga-Koro. Her skill at Canoe racing is legendary and her sense of direction is flawless--she can navigate through the waters surrounding Mata Nui even in the worst conditions. Her skills in swimming and disk throwing are remarkable, making her a favorite in local competitions. Before the Bohrok Swarms, Maku often got in trouble for sneaking away from the village in her canoe to spy on Huki, the Koli champion. Now she patrols Lake Naho from Ta-Wahi to Po-Wahi.

    Maku snuck away from Ga-Koro and was not present when the Tarakava trapped the rest of the villagers underwater. She also was able to take the Chronicler's company and her boat helped them travel swiftly to the Kini-Nui at the center of the island.

    Maku was the only Matoran that did not come with a Great Mask of his corresponding Toa in a new color, but instead had a Noble Mask in blue.  Had the pattern followed suit, he would have received a transparent Kaukau in some other color, or a non-transparent Kaukau.  For whatever reason, LEGO decided instead to give Maku a Noble Mask.

    Available for a limited time only through a promotion at McDonald's in North America. Typically goes for $5+ on eBay, or the set is available as part of a bundle through secondary retailers such as ToyWiz.

    The name "Matoran" replaced the original term "Tohunga" after LEGO received complaints by some members of Mäori tribes, native people of New Zealand.

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