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    Hafu, Matoran of Po-Koro
    Role Villager
    Lego code N/A
    Number of pieces 8
    Bundled with Music Power Pack (CD-ROM and Silver Kanohi Hau)
    Ages N/A
    Mask Black Ruru
    Village Po-Koro
    Weapon Disc
    Secondary Model(s) Matoran Kaita (with 2 other Matoran); Matoran Nui (with 5 other Matoran)
    Availability Very scarce
    Must-Have Rating Secondary

    Official Description
    Hafu lives in Po-Koro, the stone village of Mata Nui. Hafu is best known for his skill at carving. Where others can tell moving, powerful tales with words, Hafu shares them through his beautiful carvings. Not all his time is spent on art, though - he has a wicked sense of humor and loves to send others out in search of plants, animals, or treasures that exist only in his imagination.

    Rumour has it that Hafu has an incredible skill with a disk. He can make it return just like a boomerang.

    Hafu was one of Takua the Chronicler's company defending Kini-Nui during the Battle of Makuta. He playfully carved a likeness of himself while on the way to Kini-Nui. Later, during the Bohrok siege of Po-Koro, Hafu reluctantly volunteered to topple his own sculptures to block access to the village. Caught outside, he was in deep peril until Pohatu rescued him from the Tahnok swarm.

    Hafu's mask is also known as a "European misprint" due to its unplanned release in Europe. It is one of the only "misprint" masks available outside the secondary market.

    The name "Matoran" replaced the original term "Tohunga" after LEGO received complaints by some members of Mäori tribes, native people of New Zealand.

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