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    Nuparu, Matoran of Onu-Koro
    Role Villager & Inventor
    Bundled with Matoran Boxor
    Lego code 8556
    Number of pieces 8 (Matoran) / 149 (Boxor)
    Ages 8+
    Mask Orange Pakari
    Village Onu-Koro
    Weapon Boxor
    Availability Becoming widely available worldwide
    Must-Have Rating High

    Official Description
    Nuparu is unique among the Matoran of Onu-koro. While others toiled away, digging through stone and earth and mining protodermis, Nuparu observed and devised new and more efficient ways for the Matoran to work. Desperate to find new ways to protect his village and the inhabitants of Mata Nui, Nuparu applied his talents to converting the Bohrok parts into a defense vehicle that could be used by his fellow Matoran. The result was the Boxor, a fast, powerful machine which has proven highly effective against Bohrok Va. In large enough numbers, Boxor vehicles can even stall a Bohrok swarm for a short time!

    Nuparu showed up with several other Matoran in newly-created Boxors, to help defend their villages while the Toa sought out and tried to capture the Bahrag twins.

    Nuparu is only one of two Matoran commercially sold (the other is Hafu), and the only one currently widely available. The name "Matoran" replaced the original term "Tohunga" after LEGO received complaints by some members of Mäori tribes, native people of New Zealand.

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