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    Pahrak Va: Stone Bohrok Va
    Lego code 8553
    Number of pieces 27
    SRP US$2.99
    Ages 7+
    Tan White
    Availability Readily available worldwide
    Alternate model(s) Bohrok Va Kaita #2
    Bionicle importance Peripheral (Now Defeated)

    Official Description
    Pahrak Va are the great motivators of their swarm, but they are also the easiest of the Bohrok Va to capture, as they move more slowly than the rest. However, they also run scouting missions and keep communications in order over vast areas, which keeps the Pahrak Swarm together. Islanders sometimes joke that they are "goatdogs."

    As with the rest of the Bohrok swarm, the Bohrok Va were awakened shortly after Makuta's defeat at the hands of the Toa.  The Va are also assumed to be defeated.

    The Pahrak Va are among the easiest of the Bohrok Va to catch, but good luck holding onto them -- they are also the strongest!

    The Bohrok Va are not distributed to large retail outlets, but rather to smaller chains like Walgreens & Eckerd's, and to independent hobby shops.  Of course, they can also be ordered directly from LEGO's Shop@Home store.

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