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    Lego code 8548
    Number of pieces 214
    SRP US$34.99
    Ages 8+
    Action Stinging tail whip
    Availability Readily available worldwide
    Bionicle importance Secondary

    Official Description
    The Nui-Jaga are huge, scorpion-like creatures. They can be found primarily in the deserts of Po-Wahi, though they have been spotted in the jungles and along the coast as well. Nui-Jaga normally hunt in pairs.

    Like all Rahi, the Nui-Jaga are controlled by the infected masks they wear. If the masks are removed, the Nui-Jaga will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed, but their claws and powerful stingers make the Turaga reluctant to have the Nui-Jaga in their villages.

    This fearsome creature first appeared in the story guarding an infected sigil in the Mask Caverns of Po-Wahi's Quarry. The cavern is filled with infected Koli balls, which have been causing illness throughout Po-Koro. The Chronicler assists Kopaka, who has been temporarily blinded by the scorpion, and collapses part of the cavern by knocking out supports using Koli balls. Nui-Jaga also are part of the Rahi attack force at Kini-Nui, as the Chronicler and his Company defend the temple for the return of the Toa.

    The Nui-Jaga resemble giant scorpions, and have fierce claws and stingers. When controlled by the Makuta, they are fierce foes of the Toa – but if the Toa are victorious, these beasts can be tamed. Make this massive scorpion’s tail strike out to tear off an enemy’s mask. Includes two Nui-Jaga per set.

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