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    Lego code 8549
    Number of pieces 444
    SRP US$49.99
    Ages 8+
    Action Punching arms
    Availability Readily available worldwide
    Bionicle importance Secondary

    Official Description
    Tarakava live in the oceans and rivers of Mata Nui, preferring the shallows close to the shoreline. They are huge, lizard-like creatures that almost always hunt in pairs. Those Matoran villagers who sail the waters of Mata Nui have learned to fear the Tarakava more than any other Rahi. Like all Rahi, the infected masks they wear control Tarakava. If the masks are removed, they will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed. The Matoran villagers of Ga-Koro often take pity on stunned Tarakava and bring them into their village to care for them.

    A Tarakava with an infected mask attacked Ga-Koro, trapping most of the villagers underwater. The Chronicler fixed a pump and raised the sunken hut to the surface, just in time for the Tarakava to return and begin to pounce on Nokama and her villagers. Gali intervened just in time, fighting the creature underwater and removing its infected mask. The creature was nursed back to health in Ga-Koro, free of Makuta's influence.

    Often found hiding in the murky swamp water of Mata Nui, the Tarakava is a ruthless lizard-like creature that lunges from hiding to attack. When controlled by the Makuta, the Tarakava are dangerous foes of the Toa – but if the Toa are victorious, these beasts can be tamed. Press the Tarakava’s levers for powerful punching action versus its foes. Includes two Tarakava per set.

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