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    Ultimate Dume
    8.5   Average score based on 28 Votes
    Vital Statistics
    Set Number: 10202
    Set Name: Ultimate Dume
    Makuta Teridax
    This was released as a Promotional Item
    Extras Included: Movie Version Kraahkan
    MSRP (USD): 49.99
    Availability: Retired
    Year Released: 2004
    Ages: 9+
    Description: This incredibly powerful being appears in Metru Nui's darkest hour. But is he the city's salvation or its doom?

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    Storyline Information for 10202 Ultimate Dume
    Character Type: Makuta
    Classification: Bad Guy
    Collectible(s) included: Kanohi
    Relative Importance: Minor Character
    Movie Tie-In: Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui
    Main Power: Ability to control protodermis and shapeshift
    BZP Review: Click Here
    Primary Location: Coliseum
    Island: Metru Nui

    The character orignally known as Ultimate Dume is Makuta Teridax with a pair of wings. In Legends of Metru Nui, Teridax turned into a vortex abosorbing all the power from the generators causing the city to shut and Nivawk, Nidhiki and Krekka in order to give him the additional power he needs to shapeshift into something bigger. Teridax's origin intentions had been to use the Morbuzakh, which he created, to drive the Matoran to the centre of the city to carry out his plan but after the Toa Metru defeated it, Teridax as Dume was forced to use force to cause the Matoran to fall into a slumber where once they awakened he would declare them their 'hero' and this is where the Vahi comes in. The Vahi was needed in order for Teridax to speed time around himself in order to bypass the disaster entirely and carry his plans out as normal. Teridax, after his battle against Vakama was frozen in protodermis while the Vahi lies at the bottom of the sea of protodermis.

    Entered into BZP database: 1 Feb 2005 by Johnny L.
    Last Updated: 19 Jun 2009 by Sean P.

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