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    Toa Mahri Nuparu
    7.6   Average score based on 26 Votes
    Vital Statistics
    Set Number: 8913
    Set Name: Toa Mahri Nuparu
    He strikes from the darkness!
    MSRP (USD): 9.99
    Primary Color: Black
    Availability: Retired
    Year Released: 2007
    Piece Count: 59
    Ages: 7+
    Alternate Set(s): Manutri
    Description: From out of the shadows of the Pit swims Toa Mahri Nuparu to fight the evil Barraki! His aqua blaster blade sends shockwaves through the Pit, while his shield protects him from attack. Using his Mask of Stealth, Nuparu can move almost unseen, then fire his Cordak blaster at a foe!

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    Storyline Information for 8913 Toa Mahri Nuparu
    Character Type: Toa Mahri
    Classification: Good Guy
    Collectible(s) included: Kanohi
    Relative Importance: Main Character
    Main Power: Earth
    Tool Name: Aqua Blaster Blade, Razor-Edged Protosteel Shield, Cordak Blaster
    Tool Power: Aqua Blaster Blade generates shockwaves, Cordak Blaster launches explosive mini-rockets
    BZP Review: Click Here
    Island: Mahri Nui

    Once a Toa Inika, Toa Nuparu has been transformed by the Mask of Life into a Toa Mahri. He can now breathe underwater and wears the Kanohi Volitak, the Great Mask of Stealth. As an inventor, Nuparu is fascinated by the Matoran of Mahri Nui's technology and adaptation to life under water. Nuparu carries a Razor-Edged Protosteel Shield that is as tough as Makuta armour and can even cut through solid stone. The set never included his Aqua Blaster Blade, but later, the fan-made BIONICLE magazine, KanohiJournal hosted an Aqua Blaster Blade MOC contest in which the winner's MOC became the official Aqua Blaster Blade.

    Entered into BZP database: 25 Feb 2007 by Sean U.
    Last Updated: 9 Jul 2009 by Sean P.

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