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    7.7   Average score based on 19 Votes
    Vital Statistics
    Set Number: 8614
    Set Name: Nuurakh
    Masters of ambush!
    Extras Included: Gold Vahi and Disk of Time for Target Vahki
    MSRP (USD): 8.99
    Primary Color: Red
    Availability: Retired
    Year Released: 2004
    Piece Count: 33
    Ages: 7+
    Alternate Set(s): Kranua
    Description: From the flames and smoke of Ta-Metru come the Nuurakh! The fastest of the Vahki, they prefer to lay in wait for their targets and then swiftly surround them. Their Staffs of Command fill the mind of a Matoran with a single overriding command. Includes Kanoka disk launcher and glow-in-the-dark disk.

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    Storyline Information for 8614 Nuurakh
    Character Type: Vahki
    Classification: Bad Guy
    Collectible(s) included: Kanoka
    Relative Importance: Minor Character
    Tool Name: Staff of Command
    Tool Power: Fills the Matoran's mind with one overriding command
    Primary Location: Ta-Metru
    Island: Metru Nui

    After Teridax drained Metru Nui of all its power, an energy surge went through the entire city and ended up damaging the Vahki. Those that survived were permanently altered: their speech centres were slowed down (making them comprehensible), their stun staffs turned destructive, and their main objective was warped: maintain order by eliminating all living things. By the time the Matoran returned to Metru Nui, the remaining Vahki had all been destroyed by the Visorak.

    Nuurakh have been known to get into fights with each other on the squad. So it's not surprising that other Vahki have been sent to break up the Nuurakh fights.

    Entered into BZP database: 12 Jan 2005 by Johnny L.
    Last Updated: 15 Jun 2008 by David R.

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