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    7.6   Average score based on 33 Votes
    Vital Statistics
    Set Number: 8743
    Set Name: Boggarak
    Multi-powered menaces!
    MSRP (USD): 7.99
    Primary Color: Blue
    Availability: Hard to Find
    Year Released: 2005
    Piece Count: 48
    Ages: 7+
    Alternate Set(s): Zivon
    Venom Flyer
    Description: The Boggarak serve as Roodaka's personal guard and are well-equipped for the task. Their spinners can cause enemies in water to swell up and float to the surface, or enemies on land to turn to dust. Their sonic powers can transmute solid foes to gas, making them among the most dangerous of Visorak!

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    Storyline Information for 8743 Boggarak
    Character Type: Visorak
    Classification: Bad Guy
    Collectible(s) included: Rhotuka
    Relative Importance: Minor Character
    Movie Tie-In: Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows
    Main Power: Transmutating Sonic Hum
    Tool Name: Natural Rhotuka Launcher, float / dehydrate Rhotuka
    Tool Power: Rhotuka Launcher fires spinners that cause a target to float to the surface underwater, and to dehydrate and turn to dust on land

    The Boggarak are much better than the other Visorak at hunting water Rahi, skimming across the water to catch their prey, so they tend to stay close to shore. These are the only Visorak whose spinners contain two powers, which can apparently be switched back and forth by the Boggarak. When used underwater, they cause a target to swell up and float to the surface. When used on land, they remove all moisture from a target, reducing it to a pile of dust. Boggarak are also able to create a sonic hum that can transmute matter to various forms, such as gas or rock. And they also have the default paralysis power that all Visorak can focus through their spinners.

    After being given command of the Visorak horde, Vakama eventually realized his mistakes and ended up disbanding the Visorak. Rumors emerged that Sidorak's species were trying to regroup the Visorak, and whether this is true or not, the Brotherhood have already since regrouped the Visorak hordes.

    A lone Boggarak helped in Makuta's failed attempt to trick Vakama into giving him the Vahi with an illusion.

    Entered into BZP database: 10 Jan 2005 by Michael B.
    Last Updated: 19 Jun 2009 by Sean P.

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