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    Kraata Names and Promotional Info
    Hot Bionicle NewsFriday, May 30th, 2003 at 3:53pm by Rich, BZPower Administrator

    Over the past week, BZPower members were able to find out the names of the Kraata from BZPower member and Bionicle Comic Writer Greg Farshtey. Greg has been very generous with his Kraata info on our forums, so what follows are a few updates on what what has been going on over the past week in terms of Kraata discussion on BZP.

    From Greg earlier in the week:

    There are six different breeds of kraata that we know about (that does not mean that is all there ever have been or could be). They are:

    Kraata-Vo (Vorahk)
    Kraata-Xi (Panrahk)
    Kraata-Ye (Lerahk)
    Kraata-Ul (Guurahk)
    Kraata-Cu (Kurahk)
    Kraata-Za (Turahk)

    Kraata are a part of the substance of Makuta. They are sentient, but they are not deep thinkers. They act on instinct. Each kraata goes through six stages of development (I do not have names for the stages, I just call them Kraata Stage 1, Kraata Stage 2, etc.). As it develops, the kraata makes its Rahkshi stronger, faster, and more powerful.

    If you look at the pictures of the kraata on the back of the Rahkshi instruction book, a Stage 1 kraata is at the bottom (the weakest), a Stage 6 kraata is at the top (the most powerful).

    The touch of a kraata can infect a Kanohi mask. Kraata have been on Mata Nui almost as long as the Matoran have, and the Turaga have been capturing and imprisoning them in stasis for years. (The canisters they come in are like stasis tubes.) Kraata cannot communicate with Toa, although they probably can with each other.

    There is a special seventh stage of kraata which very few of them ever reach * the shadow kraata, which is more intelligent and capable of infecting masks at a distance.

    It takes two kraata to make a Rahkshi. One kraata, exposed to protodermis, evolves in the tube into the Rahkshi armor. The armor remains dormant until another kraata enters it and basically becomes the driver. Note: The kraata that animates the armor MUST be the same kind of kraata as created the armor. You cannot start up a Panrahk with a Turahk kraata and expect it to work properly.

    A Rahkshi*s power is part of the Rahkshi, but the staffs are required to focus and control it.

    If a kraata is removed from a Rahkshi, the Rahkshi returns to dormancy.

    Shadow Kraata Promotional info:

    Question: Is it true that there will be a gold kraata (7th stage of evolution) and if so will it be real gold or gold colored?
    Answer:It was originally intended to be gold-colored, not gold metal, and it is now more likely going to be purple.

    Question: What store will the Shadow Kraata be dist. in? If it isn't decided, what places are you guys looking into?
    Answer: I think it's Target.

    Question: What are the changes that happen in each stage, both physically and colorfully. I know they change at each stage, but what are the specific stages in each stage?
    Answer: I don't have a specific Stage 1 through 6 list, but I am working on one. Stage 7 is shadow kraata, when they become more intelligent, able to communicate, and can infect masks at a distance.

    More info as we get it...

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