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    Toy Fair 2018: CircuitCubes
    Hot Bionicle NewsSunday, December 2nd, 2018 at 12:16pm by Danny, BZPower Reporter

    CircuitCubes by Tenka Labs was back at Toy Fair 2018, with demonstrations of their current line and samples of some potential upcoming treats. The large orange gear in the booth looks like a logical replacement for the original Hailfire Droid wheels. Their current product line (as now available on their website) includes some handy kits made to quickly motorize current LEGO sets - and their system as a whole remains a strong competitor to LEGO's own Power Functions 2.0 system. We have photos of all the clever mechanisms shown off in their booth below the break.

    We also covered the CircuitCubes booth at Toy Fair 2017.

    m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6756 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6757 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6758 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6759 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6760 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6761 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6762 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6763 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6764 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6765 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6766 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6767 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6768 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6769 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6770 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6771 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6772 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6773 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6774 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6775 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6776 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6777 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6778 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6779 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6780 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6781 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6782 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6783 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6784 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6785 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6786 m_TF18_CircuitCubes_6787

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