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    Toy Fair 2019: Ninjago
    Hot Bionicle NewsSunday, March 3rd, 2019 at 6:09pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    It's a little crazy to think that Ninjago is one of the longest running active LEGO themes these days, but it's right up there with City and Star Wars! Unfortunately the only sets we saw at Toy Fair were the ones on store shelves now, but we still took some pictures to share with you. If you haven't seen the 2019 wave yet or just want a refresher, read on!


    Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 01

    Ninjago Spinjitzu Sets

    Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 08 Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 09 Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 10 Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 11

    70659 Spinjitzu Kai

    97 Pieces. 7+
    $9.99 (USD) 13.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70660 Spinjitzu Jay

    97 Pieces. 7+
    $9.99 (USD) 13.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70661 Spinjitzu Zane

    109 Pieces. 7+
    $9.99 (USD) 13.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70662 Spinjitzu Cole

    117 Pieces. 7+
    $9.99 (USD) 13.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70663 Spinjitzu Nya & Wu

    227 Pieces. 7+
    $19.99 (USD)24.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70664 Spinjitzu Lloyd vs. Garmadon

    208 Pieces. 7+
    $19.99 (USD)24.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    This year sees the return of the Spinjitzu spinners in a newly-redesigned form. They keep the same idea as the originals with different weapons and attachments you can swap in and out, but overall the designs do a much better job of capturing the spinjitzu tornado seen in the show. I've heard they work pretty well too if you're able to get a good spin off.

    70665 The Samurai Mech

    Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 02

    154 Pieces. 7+
    $14.99 (USD) 19.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70666 The Golden Dragon

    Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 04

    171 Pieces. 7+
    $19.99 (USD)24.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70667 Kai's Blade Cycle & Zane's Snowmobile

    Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 06

    376 Pieces. 8+
    $29.99 (USD) 39.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70668 Jay's Storm Fighter

    Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 07

    490 Pieces. 9+
    $39.99 (USD) 49.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70669 Cole's Earth Driller

    Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 05

    587 Pieces. 8+
    $49.99 (USD) 69.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70670 Monastery of Spinjitzu

    Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 17

    1070 Pieces. 9+
    $79.99 (USD) 99.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70679 The Ultra Dragon

    Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 16

    951 Pieces. 9+
    $84.99 (USD) 119.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    70680 Monastery Training

    Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 03

    122 Pieces. 6+
    $9.99 (USD) 13.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    The first half of 2019 sets all bear the 'Legacy' branding and are remakes of sets from past years. Like with Star Wars, while they're not new ideas, they're done better this time around almost all across the board, with things like giant Stone Warriors, brick built dragon heads, and more to improve upon the originals. It also means we get to see the Ninja in some of their classic outfits fighting classic villains like the Serpentine and Skulkin. This is great for kids who weren't old enough (or born) to enjoy the sets the first time around, or for collectors who missed them. They're not bad sets for parts either, so all in all it's a solid wave.

    Ninjago Accessories

    Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 12 Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 13 Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 14 Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 15 Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 18 Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 19 Toy Fair 2019 Ninjago 20

    Possibly more than any other theme, Ninjago has seen a lot of merchandise come out around it, and much of it was on display. Books, watches, flashlights, shirts, hats, backpacks and more - if you want to show off your Ninjago fandom you have plenty of ways to do it!

    There weren't any surprises in the Ninjago display, but is was still nice to see all the fantastic models there. And with designers like Brickthing working on the theme, I'm definitely looking forward to see what the second half of 2019 brings. Let us know what you think of these sets in the Talkback and be sure to check out the rest of out Toy Fair 2019 coverage!

    Discuss This Story

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