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    The East Coast Unleashed Van
    Hot Bionicle NewsThursday, August 21st, 2003 at 12:31am by Rich, BZPower Administrator

    Last month BZP gave you the first look at the Bionicle vans touring the country when Mark P. met up with the west coast van. However, there are two vans touring the country. The other is cruising up and down the east coast. Fortunately, I was able to catch up with this van on Sunday, and I am pleased to share some images and details with you.

    Rahkshi Head

    Finding one of the Bionicle vans is very difficult. Their destinations are not announced in advance. However, LEGO marketing has deemed that skate parks are good places to find Bionicle fans, so if you go to your local skate park regularly, you may find the van.

    Members and Drivers

    I was able to find the van a skate park in New Jersey called Rexplex using a tip posted in our forums. Other BZP members were there. The Eye of Makuta brought his extensive Bionicle mask collection to show the van drivers, shown above.

    Bio Van Bumper

    These are the guys who drive the van.

    Bio Van Dudes

    First up we have Swift. A Bronx NY native, Swift has been driving the East Coast Bionicle van for 2 months now. When asked why he wanted the job, he said it was because he was fascinated with Bionicle. Swift got interested in Bionicle through his children, who are also huge Bionicle enthusiasts

    The other half of the East coast team is Danny. Danny is originally from Chicago. Danny joined Swift about a month ago, about 1/3 through the tour. He decided to join the Bionicle Van team because he states that it is a great way to travel to many different places, meet many people, and get to know so many people who like Bionicle.

    Bio Van Side

    To recap, the Bionicle vans going up and down the two coasts of the US are there to spread information about the Bionicle line. They go to skate parks, special events, and tournaments to try to tell the kids there about Bionicle using visually appealing displays, movies, and presentations.


    The back of the van opens up to reveal almost all of the 2003 Bionicle storyline. The side of the van opens up to reveal large poster promoting the Mask of Light movie. Inside the van is where they keep all the items they give away.

    Bio Van rear

    What they give away varies. At first VMKK, Vahi, snap bracelets, and other items were distributed. But things run out, so they have been supplied with new items.

    Bio Van Side2

    Now they are giving away Bionicle stickers, copies of Comic Con exclusive comic 1 and lots and lots of Kraata. They were actually running low on stuff to give away, so they are making a trip back to Chicago this week to reload.

    Many thanks to Danny and Swift for taking the time to talk to us!

    Discuss This Story

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