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    The Mystery of the White Huna
    Hot Bionicle NewsTuesday, October 14th, 2003 at 2:48pm by Rich, BZPower Administrator
    [Source: Destroyer Tahu]

    Itís been debated for a while; if a White Huna that appeared in our Kanohi: The Masks forum was indeed a legitimate misprint mask. In order to verify the authenticity of the mask, BZP member Destroyer Tahu sent to mask to me for examination. The results are in, and one thing is for sure, the mask is real.


    Destroyer Tahu says he received the mask in a trade, and the person that traded the mask to him says he received it in a Kanohi Mask Pack. While the finding of this mask in a Mask Pack sounds odd, the mask is definitely real.

    Visually comparing the mask to several Huna masks and all the white masks, it is identical. If it is a fake, this has to be one of the greatest duplications I have ever seen, and I donít think anyone would go through making such a perfect mask just to trade it away.

    So the mask is real. That raises more questions. Where did it come from? How much is it worth?

    Nobody really knows where it came from. I asked a prototype mask expert at LEGO, and he has never seen this mask either. It is possible it came from the original model shop when the Bionicle line was being created in Denmark in 2000. An employee could have taken it out, or it could have been stolen from somewhere.


    The possibility that it is a stolen prototype seems to make sense, since I am almost sure that wasnít found in a Mask Pack as the original owner claims, simply because only one has been found. It seems quite believable that it was stolen, and the story about it being found in a mask pack was just a cheap cover.

    Itís hard to say how much the mask is worth simply because it has never been for sale on the open market. Past prototypes went on eBay for about $100 on average, so this mask would probably worth that much, if not a little more.

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