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    Greg Farshtey Book Signing Report
    Hot Bionicle NewsSunday, January 22nd, 2006 at 12:42pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager
    [Source: Pekel]

    On Saturday Bionicle story creator and book and comic writer Greg Farshtey attended book signing events at the Palisades Mall in New York and the Paramus Park Mall in New Jersey. Myself and several other BZPower staff and members were fortunate enough to attend the event. Pekel was one of these, and has kindly written a summary of the event for those unable to attend. Read on to see what happened and what tidbits Greg was kind enough to provide us with.
    Just as an aside, I'll be interspersing my own comments here and there. They'll be in italics so you can tell the difference.

    Today my brother Tok and I were lucky enough to attend GregF’s book signing at the Paramus mall. Greg arrived a little before one thirty and, after getting a book and comic signed, we met up with a bunch of other BZPower members – from left to right below - Black Six, Roodaka, Epsilon, Onu-Defendant, *Toa Thok*, and Tok. I took the photo, so you are spared my face. This time. (Or you can just imagine Tok with straight hair in a grey sweater.)

    No I wasn't trying to hide, Pekel decided to move to his right and take his picture at the same time another member's father was taking one too.

    After chatting and looking around the store, which included entirely demolishing the Exo-Force sets left out to “play with” (great sets by the way), we went to the food court for a quick bite. We traded BZPower and Bionicle banter before returning to the store for another round of Greg Q&A and messing with Exo-Force sets.

    A picture of the store.

    Though Greg was careful not to release any major spoilers, he did treat us to some information. The story of the Voya Nui cataclysm will be told over the three year arc, though we should know more fairly soon. When asked whether the fact that the Voya Nui and Metru Nui disaster occurred at the same time was a coincidence, he responded with “Very little in BIONICLE is a coincidence.” The disaster had consequences reaching far from Metru Nui, and its impact was even greater on Voya Nui. Despite this, the land Voya Nui broke off of is relatively intact (besides missing the huge chunk which is now floating around as Voya Nui). In addition, Roodaka said that Greg had told him the Voya Nui Matoran’s tools were given to them by Karzahni. I can confrim him saying that. Greg also admitted that the six sets due out later this year are Toa. Those of you who were waiting for official confirmation, there you have it. He did say, however, that the translations we found on were not all correctly translated and contained out-of-date information. As far as set information goes, the “new silver” seen in the Voya Nui Matoran is due to a Lego cutback. Less metallic particles are suspended in the plastic, resulting in the slightly milkier look seen in some past silver parts, especially Nuva tools. Please no “Lego is going cheap/out of business” comments, as it’s a simple innocuous change to save some money. No big deal.

    Greg at his signing table.

    It was a fun event, and definitely worth attending. I’m glad that everyone who made it could come, and I hope that those of you who couldn’t this time will make it to wherever the next one is held. And of course, a huge thanks to the Lego store and Greg Farshtey for holding the event!

    The spoils of attending the signing.

    I would also like to thank Greg for having this event as well as thank all the BZPower members who attended, some driving over seven hours just to be here. It is your interest and dedication that continues to make BZP the premier Lego Bionicle site on the internet!

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