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    Behind the Mask: Krana - Origin of Life
    OpinionMonday, April 22nd, 2002 at 3:42pm by Mark, BZPower Reporter

    Once a mystery, we now have a clue where the Toa and Bohrok came from...

    Today we look at the Krana and the mystery behind them. Currently there is no resolution for issue two so Iíll just include that with some other issue.

    Okay, first of all, I am taking some of my information from a promotional Press CD-ROM that LEGO distributed (no, there is no way you can get one so donít even ask) to the KP staff. I have included three pictures from a video on the CD, which show all you really need to explain what I am talking about.

    In this article I intend to sway your mind to the idea that the Krana were the distant ancestors of the Bohrok, Toa, Tohunga and Turaga.

    First of all, in the video, the narrator says that the Toa are related to the Bohrok distantly, but are still alien to them. The "alien" part can easily be omitted because they had never met or known of each other and would therefore be alien.

    Secondly, look at the below picture:

    Bohrok Legend

    Started from the bottom there is a Bohrok. Above the Bohrok are three species that we have no clue or idea about. Above them appears to be a Krana. I feel that these three mystery creatures are earlier evolutions of the Bohrok, or more possibly the forms they took while maturing in their incubation chambers. I believe they are related because if you look at this picture:

    Bohrok Legend 2

    You will see a Kanohi, Tohunga and then Toa above the Krana. You can see the Kanohi more clearly in the first picture. I can tell the top thing is a Toa (and appears to be Kopaka) and below him would either be a Tohunga or Turaga. I think it is a Tohunga becuase of the feet and arms. A Turaga would also probably carry a staff or other emblem of authority.

    So, I think that there was an original Krana that evolved into Toa and Bohrok, over many, many, many years. Now, you ask why the Bohrok are controlled by Krana? I think the Bohrok are controlled by Krana of a different nature than this common ancestor. I think the Krana have evolved into eight shapes and specialized their powers to live within the Bohrok. If you look at this picture:

    Krana Tree with Lines

    Krana Tree overexposed You will see faint lines coming down from each Krana and drawn to two new Krana in the generation below. (Note: the lines were added for clarity; see smaller overexposed sample for the original faint lines). I donít know why this happens but my best guess would be that the Krana are like bacteria and divide to survive. I feel that if a Krana divides, the parent (one doing the dividing) splits and produces two new daughter Krana. The original Krana would therefore be gone and would have doubled the Krana population.

    This brings up another point. LEGO has said that when a Bohrok attacks with its Krana it becomes immobilized - with nothing to control it the Bohrok canít move. This is where the Bohrok Va come in. The Krana may have become specialized to the point where they can divide and adapt to new enviroments. So, when the Bohrok Va find an immobilized Bohrok, it splits its Krana and then places one in the Bohrok. The Bohrok is then controlled by this new Krana that has adapted to the Bohrok (Bohrok Va and Bohrok Krana colors are different so the Krana would be different) and control it, but to do that it would lose its ability to divide.

    I havenít yet even tried to go into if the Krana control the Bohrok Va or not. Maybe, Iíll use that as a topic for another Behind the Mask.

    Anyway, I donít know what Issue 4 will be about so I canít leave you with a title. Remember, if you have ideas send them to me.

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