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    Blog of The Week XXXIII
    BZPowerSunday, April 29th, 2007 at 7:15pm by Robert, BZPower Reporter

    Sunday, Sunday, glorious Sunday! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the wind is blowing, and the bloggers are...nowhere to be found? Are they perhaps waiting for something? Something like this week's Blog of The Week? If so then wait no longer! For this week's Blog is here! But there is the question of who got it...

    Why it's that daydreaming member....daydreamer! She along with her blog Rantings of the Haven ( Apparently she gets to trace the clouds with a silver pen. I mean, dude, THE CLOUDS. How cool is that?)

    daydreamer's blog is a rather funky little place, with just enough visual content to make it really stand out, and interesting, well-updated entries. Obviously about a plethora of subjects. Honestly I can't say much about 'dreamer's blog simply because it seems so fleeting, it really lives up to its name, and the name of its author. You can see it, but can't really grasp it.

    Visually her blog really plays to the mystical feeling given in her name and the title of the blog--luckily for her BZP's default blue/white colour scheme acentuates what she's already got--so she gets a headstart over the rest of us! (I'm pouting, you just can't tell) But she went the extra mile and created some incredibly interesting buttons for the different sections of her blog. Why are they so interesting? Because aside from the "Rantings" button (Which is obviously a bunch of squiggles) they're all so open to interpretation! Like the daydreams of her name, these buttons lack any distinct overriding image. They're vague enough to be really interesting, but distinct enough to recognize that they're an image. (Personally I see them as feathers, which makes her blog superawesomecool)

    However, that aside this blog has nothing visually, no colours or other images. It makes it would be very stark, but somehow those buttons manage to just make it peaceful, relaxing, and mystical.

    Oh yeah, and she's got a SpamPoison button in a content block (What, is it like RAID for Spam? Kills Spam DEAD?)

    However, most people don't come to blogs just to look at all the pretty pictures (ooooh, shiny....). There's still the actual content to be taken into account--how does 'dreamer stack up? Well, is there a word for really, really, really, really, really cool? Because if not there should be! Whatever that possibly non existant word is, it fits 'dreamer's blog to a T--or a D, or whatever. Entries here mostly relate to school life, however once in a while there is some incredibly cool stuff, such as this entry on Her Hometown's Night Market as well as a brief stint being an Educational entertainer (Why can't people this cool come to my school?). Continuing on that 'edumacation' role, she's put together a neat little Tip Section to help aspiring BZP Authors (And heck, I even got a bit of help out of it. Thanks!). However I think my favourite entry so far is her most recent one, it's small and easily overlooked--but how many of us have thought about What our names mean, or how they relate to what we are and become?

    Overall this blog is incredibly cool, it's a treat for those of us who like to think, but in a nice relaxed atmosphere. Rantings of the Haven is a peaceful place to hang out and expand your horizons, as well as check up on a very cool author.

    Congrats, daydreamer! This feather-shaped golden Bloggy (or should that be silver?) is for you!

    (Additionally: I apologise I was unable to render daydreamer's name fully, as the code continued to eat it)

    As a special feature, all members who are selected for the Blog of the Week will receive this special banner, customized with the date that they received this award.

    BoTW 4/29/07

    But remember, Only Premier members like our previous winners have the ability to Blog, so if you're not one yet, Sign up Today!

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