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    BZPower Staff Group Color Changes
    BZPowerSunday, May 3rd, 2009 at 7:28pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    Over the almost eight years during BZPower we've grown and expanded in membership, features, and especially staff. As the staff has grown, new groups have been added as needed, which has resulted in some slightly confusing and inconsistent group names. In addition, the same colors were used and reused, making it difficult to quickly tell what staff group a member belongs to. But that's going to change now, and the staff groups and colors are going to be revamped for better organization.

    In order to do this, however, the forums will have to be offline for a little bit while the changes are made. So please bear with us during the downtime.

    Once the forums are back online, you will see an old feature return to BZPower. Below the active members list on the forum index, you will see a key explaining what colors correspond to which staff names.

    Below you can see a table highlighting the changes being made.

    BZPower Administrators BZPower Administrators
    Forum Administrators Forum Administrators
    Premier Global Moderators Premier Global Moderators
    Blog Leader/Global Moderator Prem Global Mods/Blog Leaders
    Premier Writer/Global Moderator Prem Global Mods/Reporters
    Blog Leader/Forum Leader Prem Blog Leaders/Forum Leaders
    Blog Leader/Forum Assistant Prem Blog Leaders/Forum Assts
    Blog Leader/Global Mod/Writer Prem Blog Leaders/Reporters
    Reference Master/Reporter/Mod Prem Ref Masters/Forum Leaders
    Prem Ref Masters/Forum Assts
    Premier Forum Leaders Premier Forum Leaders
    Reporter & Forum Leader Prem Forum Leaders/Reporters
    Premier Forum Assistants Premier Forum Assistants
    Premier Forum Asst/Ref Keeper Prem Forum Assts/Ref Keepers
    Premier Writer/Forum Assistant Prem Forum Assts/Reporters
    Premier Blog Assistants Premier Blog Assistants
    Premier Blog Asst/Ref Keeper Prem Blog Assts/Ref Keepers
    Premier Reference Keepers Premier Reference Keepers
    Premier Forum Mentors Premier Forum Mentors
    Premier Staff Writer Premier Reporters
    Global Moderators
    Global Mods/Reporters
    Blog Leaders/Forum Assts
    Premier BS01 Reference Mod Ref Masters/Forum Leaders
    Reference Master/Support Team Ref Masters/Forum Assts
    Forum Leaders Forum Leaders
    Forum Leaders/Reporters
    Forum Assistants Forum Assistants
    Forum Asst / Ref Keeper Forum Assts/Ref Keepers
    Writer/Forum Assistant Forum Assts/Reporters
    Blog Assistants Blog Assistants
    Blog Asst/Ref Keeper Blog Assts/Ref Keepers
    Reference Keepers Reference Keepers
    Forum Mentors Forum Mentors

    Any questions you may have can be asked in the Talkback once the forums come back. Hope you all enjoy!

    Discuss This Story

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