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    Now Presenting: The Bionicle Mosaic Project
    BZPowerTuesday, August 10th, 2010 at 2:14pm by Benjamin, BZPower Reporter
    [Source: Maddison Swift]

    Something this awesome hasn't happened since Mata Nui sneezed.

    BZPower at BrickFair

    A art project almost a year in the making, two BZPower staff members were inspired to create a community build: mosaics of iconic Bionicle characters, so big that members would need to send in pieces of the project to create the whole. It was called many things, but in the end Bionicle Mosaic Project seemed to fit. After months of collaboration and clever planning, it all came together at BrickFair 2010. Just what is the secret of this project? Read on to find out.

    Both mosaics

    Nukaya Cloud Fire and I, ChocolateFrogs, bring you this co-written report to tell everyone just how cool our project was! For those not in the know, I was inspired to do this after seeing a similar project at a European LEGO convention, where AFOL Martin Long had the public make a huge LEGO Star Wars mosaic. I wanted to do something with BZPower and our community.

    I was chatting with the lovely Nukaya and presented my idea and my inspiration. She immediately rejoiced over how awesome it would be, and we set off to work with the debut being at BrickFair.

    Before we could really start, we needed to learn how to make a mosaic. We decided we would have a studs-out approach and would use bricks instead of plates since those are more common in members' collections. There are several LEGO mosaic making programs online, but the trouble was making them work. We also talked to Long about how he created his mosaic, looking for advice.

    With months of searching for just the right images, numerous blog entries asking ideas, and frustrating issues with mosaic programs, we finally settled with images of Kopaka and Onua, of which the final products were touched up by the wonderful staffie xccj.

    Kopaka Onua

    The months leading up to BrickFair included repeatedly asking for volunteers to claim a portion of the mosaic and build it on a LEGO baseplate. The process was simple, as they just had to follow the gridded design given to them within a 32 x 32 stud area.

    On Friday Onua was put on display, and Kopaka was finished just as the public arrived on Saturday. We also had some transparent pieces from Pick-A-Brick that we used to glaze Onua's eyes.

    ChocolateFrogs, Mosaics, and Nukaya

    Nukaya, Onua, and ChocolateFrogs

    While there were a few snags along the way, including one in the middle of BrickFair, the end results and the fruits of our labors looked amazing.

    We would like to thank Arpy, Black Six, Felis Sapiens, Jedi Master J., Letagi, Toa of Dancing, Sisen, xccj for helping out with this. Without you, this could never have happened.

    Discuss This Story

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