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    BZPower Goes to NYCC
    Hot Bionicle NewsMonday, October 29th, 2012 at 9:27am by Andrew, BZPower News Manager
    [Source: Kohaku]

    New York Comic Con may not be as famous as the one in San Diego, but it's definitely quite the event and big enough for LEGO to take notice. They had a large presence this year, and thankfully Blog Assistant Kohaku was there as well to let us know what the event was like. Read on to see his thoughts!

    Earlier in the month New York Comic Con was held at the Javits Center in fabulous New York City. I attended the four day comic convention and got to check out a ton of neat stuff from multiple companies, but this is a Lego fansite, so let's talk some Lego!

    LEGO NYCC 2012 01

    Lego had a huge presence and they had a huge booth in the middle of the convention floor. Their booth was right between the huge Marvel and DC booths.

    When you arrive the first thing you would notice is every day they showed off a new set in a glass case. Some of these sets were announced right at NYCC.

    You may have heard that Lego acquired the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license; a fact that they were more than happy to show off. (Please note: They changed the sets every day, I didn't know this so I don't have as many pictures of the TMNT set as I should.)

    LEGO NYCC 2012 02 LEGO NYCC 2012 03

    On Friday, Lego showed off the new The Hobbit sets. They were pretty cool too. Although I'll admit during the convention I didn't actually realize these were new. (I should probably pay more attention to the BZPower news, huh?)

    LEGO NYCC 2012 04 LEGO NYCC 2012 06 LEGO NYCC 2012 07 LEGO NYCC 2012 08

    Saturday, brought us The Daily Bugle Showdown with Spider Man.

    LEGO NYCC 2012 09 LEGO NYCC 2012 11 LEGO NYCC 2012 12

    Finally, Sunday brought us a showdown with Batman and Bane.

    LEGO NYCC 2012 13 LEGO NYCC 2012 14 LEGO NYCC 2012 15 LEGO NYCC 2012 16 LEGO NYCC 2012 17

    They also had the Lego Game The Hobbit at the convention, you can take a look at the game and the rules for it.

    LEGO NYCC 2012 18 LEGO NYCC 2012 19

    Showing off new sets wasn't the only thing going on at the Lego booth, they also had some giant creations, ranging from Lego Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman...

    LEGO NYCC 2012 20 Darth Maul...

    LEGO NYCC 2012 21 LEGO NYCC 2012 22 LEGO NYCC 2012 23 Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins...


    LEGO NYCC 2012 28 LEGO NYCC 2012 29 LEGO NYCC 2012 30

    Lego also had a ton of advertising going on at their booth, they had a giant screen showing off advertisements for various Lego themes and video games, and they had some giant banners.

    LEGO NYCC 2012 31 LEGO NYCC 2012 32 LEGO NYCC 2012 33 LEGO NYCC 2012 34 LEGO NYCC 2012 35

    One of the coolest things Lego was doing at New York Comic Con was having people help put together a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mosaic. Everyone was given 6x6 square plates that were numbered and color coded and supposed to have 1x1 bricks put onto them. It ended up creating a very impressive mosaic!

    LEGO NYCC 2012 36 LEGO NYCC 2012 37 LEGO NYCC 2012 38 LEGO NYCC 2012 39

    The final product was incredible looking.

    LEGO NYCC 2012 40

    They were also raffling off exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle minifigs to people who came by the booth, the person handing out the tickets was Jim Foulds of the LEGO Community Team. I've got a bone to pick with him though, one of my tickets was off by one number on the last digit. One number! Lego did the same thing to me as Square Enix did last year! I kid though, Lego did handle the contest fine and it is all a matter of the luck of the draw. One lucky BZPower member did win - Disky.

    Thankfully she let us get some pictures of this exclusive minifigure! It is a literal Ninja Turtle with a New York Comic Con skateboard.

    LEGO NYCC 2012 41 LEGO NYCC 2012 42 LEGO NYCC 2012 43

    Switching gears for a moment, for those of you who watch G4 or BBC America, or listen to The Nerdist podcast, they had the host, Chris Hardwick made out of Lego at The Nerdist Booth. Lego Chris Hardwick was built by Nathan Sawaya.

    LEGO NYCC 2012 44

    New York Comic Con had more than just Lego, it had comics, movies, anime, manga, video games, and more! There was so much cool stuff here and once again, I can't wait for next year! You can get so much free stuff from shirts, to pins, to comics, to bookmarks, and posters. Best of all, it is a great memory even though you will be exhausted by the time it is done.

    I have some more images from New York Comic Con right here. These images include more Lego images that didn't make it into this article, as well as cosplay and a whole lot more! I hope you'll check it out!

    I'll end this with an image of myself and Jim Foulds. You'll notice the greatest thing ever on my head, brainwave/emotion controlled cat ears. I hate to say it but... Lego took a backseat compared to those. I think we'll have to turn this website into NekoZonePower.

    LEGO NYCC 2012 45

    Big thanks to Kohaku for putting this all together. I enjoyed seeing what LEGO had on display and wish I could have been there. Maybe next year!

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