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    Toy Fair 2013: Galaxy Squad and Other Playthemes
    Hot Bionicle NewsThursday, February 14th, 2013 at 9:13pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    We're getting closer, the end is almost in sight, but there's still a lot of sets from Toy Fair to see. Today we look at most of the remaining playthemes, from Galaxy Squad to Castle to Ninjago to City. There's a lot of variety and a lot of cool stuff to see, so read on!

    Galaxy Squad

    Winter Sets

    Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 01 Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 02 Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 04 Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 05 Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 06

    Galaxy Squad has a lot of cool sets out this year - a bunch are even available now. Above you can see what's currently in stores.

    70706 Crater Creeper

    Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 03

    The $19.99 Crater Creeper is a cool looking ant-shaped vehicle. The totally-not-a-space-marine gets his own little speeder to take it on. I hope you like flick-fires.

    70707 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech

    Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 10

    This set wins based on its name alone. If I had to guess, 'CLS-89' stands for Classic Space 1989, a nice homage to AFOLs who loved the original Space Police, Blacktron, and other lines of yore. For $39.99 you get four vehicles, two for each side. That seems like a good bargain to me, especially when there's a cool mecha involved.

    70708 Hive Crawler

    Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 07 Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 08 Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 09

    The Hive Crawler is a good-sized set, coming in at $69.99. The crawler itself is perfectly-insectoid, and the bug-eyes are brilliant. The two human ships, while small, are pretty nice too. The larger one almost reminds me of a simplified Colonial Viper.

    70709 Galactic Titan

    Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 11 Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 12 Toy Fair 2013 Galaxy Squad 13

    The Titan is the largest Galaxy Squad set this year and will set you back $99.99. The main ship itself is positively huge and packs in plenty of play features. The aliens get a cool centipede creature and what seems to be a base of operations. There's clearly a lot of roleplaying fun to be had here.


    70400 Forest Ambush

    Toy Fair 2013 Castle 02

    The $11.99 Forest Ambush follows the traditional battle pack formula, with some knights from both sides and a little scenery or a small vehicle.

    70401 Gold Getaway

    Toy Fair 2013 Castle 03

    Here's where it gets more interesting I think. The Gold Getaway comes with a cool-looking coach, including a horse with new head armor, a ballista, and some scenery. At $19.99, I feel this set packs in a lot of value.

    70402 The Gatehouse Raid

    Toy Fair 2013 Castle 01

    The namesake structure of this set looks really awesome and sneaks is a lot of cool architectural details. The black knights get a cool catapult and another awesome horse. For $29.99, it seems like a solid deal.

    70403 Dragon Mountain

    Toy Fair 2013 Castle 04 Toy Fair 2013 Castle 05

    Uh oh, the black knights have captured the princess and an evil sorcerer is controlling a dragon to keep it that way. In all honesty I'm not a huge fan of the design of the 'mountain,' but the dragon is pretty sweet. At $49.99 though, some may skip this one.

    70404 Kings Castle

    Toy Fair 2013 Castle 06 Toy Fair 2013 Castle 07 Toy Fair 2013 Castle 08

    The main set for this theme certainly delivers. It's got a draw bridge, turrets, catapults, knights - everything you'd expect in a castle. It's a big set with a big pricetag ($99.99), but if you're a castle fan I don't think you'll be able to pass this one up.


    Toy Fair 2013 Ninjago 01 Toy Fair 2013 Ninjago 02 Toy Fair 2013 Ninjago 03 Toy Fair 2013 Ninjago 04 Toy Fair 2013 Ninjago 05 Toy Fair 2013 Ninjago 06

    Unfortunately all of this year's Ninjago sets are already available, so there was nothing new to see. No spinners, just some nice vehicles, dragons, and dojos. All in all a nice, albeit small wave.

    Collectible Minifigures

    Toy Fair 2013 Collectible Minifigures 01

    They only had the most recent wave of collectible minifigs on display, with no hints as to what's coming next. There will be two more series this year though, so get your wallets ready.



    Toy Fair 2013 City 13 Toy Fair 2013 City 14 Toy Fair 2013 City 15 Toy Fair 2013 City 16

    Police sets in LEGO City? Get out of town! In all honesty though, the museum heist set is pretty awesome - the structure looks great and has some cool details like the laser tripwires, a skylight to excape from, and more. The vehicles in general look really superb.


    Toy Fair 2013 City 17 Toy Fair 2013 City 18 Toy Fair 2013 City 19 Toy Fair 2013 City 20 Toy Fair 2013 City 21 Toy Fair 2013 City 22

    Fire is another perennial sub-theme for City. We've got three fire engines this year, and each one is pretty cool. I'm not sure why people are lighting boxes and dumpsters on fire though - maybe the police need to be brought it to find an arsonist.

    Coast Guard

    Toy Fair 2013 City 02 Toy Fair 2013 City 03 Toy Fair 2013 City 04 Toy Fair 2013 City 05 Toy Fair 2013 City 06

    Every now and then we get some aquatic themes in the City line. I think the helicopter and cutter look really cool, although both make use of quite a few specialized pieces which make them a little less awesome to me.


    Toy Fair 2013 City 07 Toy Fair 2013 City 08 Toy Fair 2013 City 09 Toy Fair 2013 City 10 Toy Fair 2013 City 11 Toy Fair 2013 City 12

    The airport sub-theme makes a return this year as well. The highlight for me is the VTOL that's pretty much a civilian V-22 Osprey. The cargo plane and stunt place are nice too, but it's that Osprey that you know you really want.

    Other City

    Toy Fair 2013 City 01 Toy Fair 2013 City 23 Toy Fair 2013 City 24 Toy Fair 2013 City 25 Toy Fair 2013 City 26 Toy Fair 2013 City 27 Toy Fair 2013 City 28 Toy Fair 2013 City 29

    And here's the rest - there's a bit of everything, from a cement mixer to a gas tanker to a monster truck. One thing I want to point out, and you may have seen them in some of the other sets, are the headphones/ear protection some of the minifigs have. How awesome is that?! And there's a new power drill mold which is pretty cool too.

    Okay, another day of coverage comes to an end. We're in the home stretch, but there's still cool things to see. So keep checking back, right here on BZPower!

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