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    Toy Fair 2013: Technic, Mindstorms, and the Rest
    Hot Bionicle NewsSaturday, February 16th, 2013 at 7:04pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    It's time for our last batch of Toy Fair coverage - I hope you've all been enjoying the pictures and info we've been sharing. Today is a little bit of everything that's left: we've got Technic, Mindstorms, Creator, Bricks & More, DUPLO, and LEGO Licensing. If you're interested in seeing what's coming out in these areas, read on!


    Toy Fair 2013 Technic 01 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 02 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 03 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 04 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 13 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 05 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 12 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 06 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 07 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 08 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 09 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 10 Toy Fair 2013 Technic 11

    For a change, LEGO actually had the entire Technic line on display this year, just for the Collector's Party. Apparently a lot of attendees had been requesting it over the past couple of years, and they listened! There's a lot of cool vehicles coming out this year - I liked the big green tow truck, and the giant crane was pretty impressive too. Even the little sets have some great parts usage.


    Toy Fair 2013 Mindstorms 01 Toy Fair 2013 Mindstorms 02

    LEGO is releasing an upgraded Mindstorms set this year - the EV3 is the third-generation programmable brick and adds a lot of cool capabilities to the robots you can make. I look forward to seeing what the fan community does with this!


    Toy Fair 2013 Creator 01 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 02 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 03 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 04 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 05 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 06 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 07 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 08 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 09 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 10 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 11 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 12 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 13 Toy Fair 2013 Creator 14

    The Creator lineup is pretty typical this year. Some small sets in the plastic containers, a bunch of larger 3-in-1 sets, and a couple of houses. These remain great ways to get a bunch of different, more basic parts in certain color palettes and provide some fun builds too.

    Bricks & More

    Toy Fair 2013 Bricks & More 01 Toy Fair 2013 Bricks & More 02 Toy Fair 2013 Bricks & More 03 Toy Fair 2013 Bricks & More 04

    Bricks & More is basically Creator, Jr. and offers a lot of basic bricks and easy to build sets for youngsters just beginning their LEGO journey.


    Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 01 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 02 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 03 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 04 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 05 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 06 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 07 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 08 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 09 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 10 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 11 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 12 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 13 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 14 Toy Fair 2013 DUPLO 15

    I know most of you probably aren't interested in DUPLO, and neither am I, but I love what they're doing with the Disney license. The Little Mermaid and Captain Hook sets are really awesome and I wish they had awesome DUPLO pirate ships when I was little. They're also making a line of sets based off the Disney and Pixar movie, Planes, but we weren't allowed to take pictures of those.

    LEGO Licensing

    Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 01 Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 02 Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 03 Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 04 Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 05 Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 06 Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 07 Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 08 Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 09 Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 10

    One of the cool things about getting to go to the entire expo is that there's some other LEGO-related stuff to see. A company called Santoki has the LEGO license to make LED flashlights and lamps. You've probably seen some of these at LEGO and Toys 'R' Us stores, - I have one hanging on my backpack. They have a wide variety of sizes and minifig and brick designs - a couple of my favorites were Boba Fett and Captain Brickbeard.

    Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 11 Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 12 Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Licensing 13

    Hiding behind the LEGO booth were some other licensed accessories. They had books, storage containers, iPhone cases, and more. Everything you need to follow the LEGO lifestyle.

    And that concludes our Toy Fair 2013 coverage. I hope you all have enjoyed it. Please let us know what you liked and want to see more of, and maybe what you don't think we should focus on as much for next year. And of course, keep checking back for more LEGO news, here on BZPower!

    Discuss This Story

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