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    Philly Brick Fest 2014 Wrapup
    BZPowerSaturday, May 24th, 2014 at 2:56pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    Philly Brick Fest took place back in April outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was a first time event, but it was tons of fun and had a huge public turnout. BZPower was there displaying your MOCs and also taking pictures of all the creations. To learn more about what was on display and see the pictures, read on!

    BZPower & BioniLUG
    The members of BZPower and BioniLUG answered the call for MOCs and we had a great display! BioniLUG put together a Le-Wahi mosaic and some associated jungle-related MOCs, and the Karda Nui theme for BZPower had an excellent showing. There were plenty of other great constraction MOCs to see as well.

    I've seen a lot of PennLUG displays at BrickFair Virginia, but this had to be the biggest I've ever seen them do. It was a great town layout with lots of detailed trains going through the whole thing.

    Rather than a huge display like PennLUG, DelVaLUG had three smaller displays - a wind farm, a city under attack from UFOs, and a big space layout. They all had tons of awesome little details and great creations.

    Steel City LUG
    Steel City LUG's section was less about a cohesive layout and more about showing off the talents of its builders. There were mosaics, monorails, monsters, massive spaceships, and more!

    The pictures here might not look like much, but that's because ColonialLUG specializes in interactive displays. While I wasn't able to get any pictures, the group worked with the public to build huge versions of the little MOCs you see in the photos. It was quite the undertaking!

    BroLUG had their cyberpunk towers on display, and they garnered a lot of attention. The size of the creations is impressive enough, but there's tons of sweet little details too.

    LEGO is running a contest at many North American fan conventions this year. The best Batman creation at each one wins a full set of the DC Comics LEGO sets from this year and is entered into a final round for an even bigger prize.

    Individual Builders
    Philly Brick Fest was not organized like any other convention I have personally been to. Aside from the LUGs, table space was assigned for individuals, not themes. As a result it was difficult to group the non-LUG pictures. I decided to pull out the creations of a few of the builders that had a lot on display and show them off separately. You can see them below.

    Stephen Pakbaz

    Chris Edwards

    Richard Schamus

    Stanley the Snail

    Brett Satinsky

    Peter Morris

    Teach Fleet
    Teach Fleet makes brick-built boats as part of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) educational program. While the creations are far from purist, they are impressive for their sheer scale and quantity.

    There were a lot of other MOCs on display, and most of them didn't fit into a single group or theme. You can find them all here.

    Philly Brick Fest was a lot of fun. There were tons of great creations, and it's always cool to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. If you're in the Philadelphia area, it's definitely worth it to check out the event the next time it comes to town!

    Discuss This Story

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