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    BrickFair New England 2014 Wrapup
    BZPowerSaturday, May 31st, 2014 at 2:46pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    Earlier this month, BrickFair New England rolled into lovely downtown Manchester, New Hampshire, bringing with it a LEGO-filled Mother's Day weekend. BZPower was there to take in the sights and bring you some coverage of all the MOCs on display (including your own!). To check out what was on display, read on!

    Bionicle continued to prove that it's not dead by having one of the largest sections at BrickFair. There were great Karda Nui and Le-Wahi displays, populated by you guys! Aside from that, there were a ton of other MOCs, mainly from BZPower and BioniLUG members. It was a fantastic showing of our favorite line.

    Mini-Con is really incredible when you see it in person and wrap your mind around it. The convention hall we were in was reconstructed at Miniland scale, complete with miniature versions of many of the MOCs! Hopefully as more shows happen the turnout will get bigger and better!

    Pop Culture
    This theme covers a lot of stuff, from superheroes to Star Wars and a lot of things in between. One of my favorite creations was Deep Thought from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, along with the LEGO Brand Retail Store made by Kevin Hinkle!

    Space has a pretty small turnout this year. There were some great moonbase modules and some sweet spaceships though - definitely all worth checking out.

    As a theme that usually sees a good selection of MOCs, Military did not disappoint. From all sorts of wars historical, modern, and imagined, the brick-built weapons of destruction came in all shapes and sizes. There were many cool tanks, planes, and dioramas to see.

    Castle was dominated by the ever-present Mr. Red with his great viking display and associated constructions. There were also some cool dragons in the Ninjago vein with custom-painted heads, along with some actual castles as well - go figure!

    Great Ball Contraption & Technic
    It's always a blast to start at one end of the Great Ball contraption and work your way all around. Each device has its own quirks and some will blow your mind with their technical abilities. If you're ever at a LEGO convention with a GBC layout, make sure you watch the whole thing!

    There were some very impressive mosaics on display and others that captured some iconic characters and logos. I definitely enjoy walking backwards and seeing a bunch of little bricks really come into focus.

    Sculpture, Vignette & Wind
    There was a little bit of everything here, including some prototypes for the Fairground Mixer provided by Jamie Berard and some LEGO Juniors sets from Raquel Gregorio. I love some of the little details and moments in time that the vignettes capture.

    Town & Train
    There weren't that many trains here, but there were quite a few impressive buildings and a huge collection of town vehicles, all brought by one guy. The couple of trains were very nice though, and had some amazing details and structures surrounding them.

    The New England LEGO Users Group had an impressive layout at BrickFair, with tons of trains running around and some impressive buildings. Minifigs really made the display come to life, and if you look closely at the pictures you can find all sorts of cool scenes hiding in there.

    And here's everything else. Quite the selection, and some really great creations to be found, such as the giant crane (among others). Some things defy categorization, and other things just don't have space to go in the theme they belong in, so they end up in Mixed.

    BrickFair New England was a fantastic event! There were a lot of great creations, tons of fun games and seminars, and lots of good times talking with cool people. If you want to find a LEGO convention near you, I suggest you check out our Convention and Event Planning forum to see what's coming up. BrickFair Virginia is less than two months away and isn't to be missed. I hope to see some of you there!

    Discuss This Story

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