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    BrickFair Virginia 2014 Wrapup
    Hot Bionicle NewsSunday, August 17th, 2014 at 4:32pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    This year was one of the best BrickFairs yet - it had the largest attendance ever and set a new record for money raised for charity. There were also a lot of great MOCs on display, and of course BZPower was on site to take pictures of them to share with you all. Read on to check out all the amazing creations!

    BrickFair always shows that Bionicle isn't dead, even if there aren't any new sets. The Bionicle space was crammed full of MOCs, including a collaboration from the members of BioniLUG, the BZPower member Karda Nui display, and the BBC Contest #68 final voting. There were tons of high-caliber creations to show what you guys are capable of. It was definitely an excellent display all around.

    Military had the most display space in the convention (with Bionicle in second, I believe) and featured some impressive MOCs. There were of course tanks, planes, helicopters, and all sorts of vehicles, but the dioramas that combine those vehicles with impressive scenery and buildings are always great to look at too.

    Pop Culture
    Pop Culture is home to MOCs from movies, TV shows, books, comics, videogames, and all sorts of other media, so as you might expect there was a wide variety of creations on display. I'm always a sucker for a good Tolkien MOC, and while we didn't have the gates of Erebor or Rivendell this year, there were still some scenes constructed from bricks in exquisite detail.

    This year marks Batman's 75th anniversary and to celebrate LEGO has been holding a contest at many of the fan conventions in North America to find the best Batman creations. There was a good turnout in Virginia, including a giant minifig Batman depicting the Adam West costume from the original TV show, built by BZPower's very own Nukaya!

    Wind & Air
    The theme for BrickFair this year is 'Wind & Air,' so we saw quite a few tornados, balloons, and fans. The variety in the types of builds made for an interesting display.

    When you think 'space' you usually think spaceships, and while there were plenty of those, there were also some really impressive dioramas and collaborations this year. Some of the MOCs were even designed to light up or glow under a blacklight!

    There were some thoroughly impressive castle MOCs on display, reaching up into the sky and defying gravity. On the flip side there were some smaller vignettes and creations of villages to complete the medieval scenes. It was a great contrast that showed off just how many different things can be built with LEGO bricks!

    The largest MOC in this section was the Pharaoh's Labyrinth collaboration - a series of modules depicting an Egyptian maze to keep would-be robbers away from the treasure. There were also some great Civil War MOCs highlighting different battles and events from the conflict. There were plenty of other great creations from different periods in history to round everything out.

    Great Ball Contraption
    Every year these builders come up with new, more complicated ways to get a little LEGO soccer ball or basketball from Point A to Point B. It's always a blast to watch them move and hopefully not break down as they repeat the same task over and over again.

    There were some great robotic creations over in the Technic and Mindstorms area, with MOCs designed to fight each other and others designed to leap over obstacles (I'm dead serious). You have to see some of them to believe them!

    Steampunk is always an interesting theme with a diverse collection of MOCs. This year there was a giant mechanical dragonfly as well as a few airships, trains, and steam-powered mecha.

    Sculpture & Vignette
    Sculpture and Vignette is a hard category to define, since it can include just about anything. There were a lot of great recreations of everyday objects like running shoes and sculptures of animals (real and fictional) that seem to defy what you would expect to be possible with their curves and organic shapes.

    The mosaic section didn't have a huge turnout this year, but if you look around you'll see that mosaics were featured in many of the other sections (even Bionicle!). There were still some great creations here though, including an impressive stained-glass window!

    This theme is home to the micropolis, a city composed of entirely micro-scale buildings! I'm almost afraid to think how large some of those buildings would be in minifig scale, and yet the builders still manage to fit in a lot of small details.

    Mini-Con continues to make it's way through all of this year's BrickFair events. We Bionicle fans really need to step things up (although there was a hat pile), but that didn't keep the overall display from being quite impressive. I look forward to see how it grows in the future!

    Town & Train
    There was quite a diverse collection of MOCs over here, from merry-go-rounds to steam engines to lighthouses to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! They all came together under a common banner though, and made an impressive display!

    The LUGs

    Charm City LUG
    This year was the first time this Baltimore-based LUG has displayed at BrickFair. The group had a nice town display with some LEGO Movie references and they also incorporated some space, mecha, castle, and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle MOCs into their layout.

    DelVaLUG, on the other had, has been at BrickFair for a long time, and continued to have a great moonbase layout complete with some custom monorails. They also had a cool wind farm with spinning windmills and a train.

    This group came all the way up from Florida just to display their MOCs. They had a cool town and train layout with some huge skyscrapers and also their own space section that they merged seamlessly in with the DelVaLUG display.

    Coming from North Carolina, this train club had a cool rail layout with some nice buildings and scenery to go along with it.

    Another group displaying at BrickFair for the first time, the 'OKI' in OKILUG stands for Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. They had a really awesome layout with their own tables and stanchions to present an impressive town. To make it even better though, they had two giant Minion sculptures from Despicable Me that were a huge hit with the public.

    Another BrickFair fixture, PennLUG had a sprawling town layout with a city, farms, trains, and more. They always show a great attention to detail and like to hide little things here and there for you to catch.

    The WamaLTC layout had so much detail that once I was done photographing the outside of their display I had to go inside and take pictures of that too! There were tons of little scenes hidden among the giant skyscrapers, trains, cars, and other creations on display in their layout.

    Warsocki Avenue
    Not quite a LUG per-se, but this family put together a lot of great creations, including a rock concert whose act changed every day, a train with a camera installed in it, and more!

    And then there was everything else. Mixed is for those MOCs that defy categorization, or for those who showed up too late to get room in their theme. There's quite the variety here, from boats to trebuchets to snails.

    There were an intimidating number of creations on display this year, and I know I probably missed a few here and there. As I said at the beginning, BrickFair Virginia 2014 was the biggest and best yet, and I hope it continues to get even better and have even cooler MOCs on display next year!

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