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    BrickFair New Jersey 2014 Wrapup
    BZPowerMonday, November 17th, 2014 at 9:20pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    The first BrickFair New Jersey took place a couple weeks ago in Somerset, NJ, giving public and exhibitors alike a chance to enjoy the LEGO hobby. BZPower was on site to take pictures of the amazing creations and share in the fun. Read on to check out what was on display and the awesome MOCs people brought to show off!

    I believe Bionicle had one of the biggest turnouts of any theme, perhaps second only to the Great Ball Contraption. It was all thanks to you guys, as BioniLUG and BZPower made up a good portion of the display. Thanks to LEGO, a few builders even had some 2015 pieces that they incorporated into some interesting MOCs.

    Pop Culture
    A combination of all things in the public consciousness, Pop Culture contains creations inspired by Star Wars, Batman, Pokemon, and more. Since this year is the 75th anniversary of Batman, there were some great MOCs on display, including a mosaic that won a Brickee.

    Space, ApocaLEGO, and Mecha
    This theme wasn't very large, but there were definitely some interesting and detailed creations. One particular builder has some interesting ideas about how spaceships work.

    While Castle didn't have a huge turnout in New Jersey, the few creations that were there were amazing. A lot of attention to detail was given to impressive castles that I can't ever imagine building myself. From huge armies to fully fleshed-out interiors, no detail was overlooked!

    There were some great mosaics on display in New Jersey, from pop culture references to famous paintings. Sometimes they look even better in pictures than they do when you're standing right in front of them, so enjoy the view!

    Micro, Sculpture, and Vignette
    The micropolis display was very detailed and impressive, with skyscrapers towering over tiny cars, roads, rivers, and more. There were also some interesting sculptures and vignettes depicting a variety of scenes.

    It's a convention within a convention! Since starting up at BrickFair Alabama back in January, Mini-Con has been gaining a lot of steam over the course of the year. There were some great mini-displays and Miniland figs checking them out!

    Town & Train
    A perennial favorite, there were some great trains and cars on display in this section. More impressive, perhaps, were the dioramas, including an awesome amusement park! Check out that Ferris wheel and whirligig!

    Great Ball Contraption
    Apparently Todd Webb's favorite theme, the crazy GBCers were out in full force at New Jersey! There was a very impressive layout, and in talking to the coordinators they had surprisingly few hiccups and failures. I'm still waiting for someone to make a Bionicle-themed GBC module.

    Mindstorms & Technic
    There weren't a lot of Mindstorms robots on display at this event, but there were some creative Technic cars and other creations!

    GardenSLUG is a relatively new group representing the Garden State (yes, that is New Jersey - there's lot of farms and rural areas there, honest!). They had a varied display with MOCs from a mixture of themes, including a nice town layout and some stunning castles.

    The guys from Florida were at it again! Driving all the way up to New Jersey, the Greater Florida LEGO Train Club had an impressive display featuring a very cohesive look and some impressive individual buildings. The baseball stadium even lit up at night!

    ILUGNY does a great job of creating a single display that bridges different themes gradually and organically. Featuring a couple space layouts as well as a town, there were some very awesome MOCs on display, including many inspired by classic lines like Ice Planet.

    And then there was everything else. The Mixed theme featured a little bit of everything, from military MOCs to sculptures to a beach to a maze for Hex Bugs! For people whose creativity refuses to be defined by a particular label, Mixed is the place for them!

    BrickFair New Jersey had an impressive turnout for a first time event, and I hope that next year it's even better. Everyone I talked to had a lot of fun and enjoyed checking out all the great MOCs. Hopefully you guys all enjoyed this look at the event, and remember, if there's a LEGO fan convention near you, do everything you can to attend!

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