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    BrickFair New England 2015 Wrapup
    BZPowerSaturday, May 16th, 2015 at 4:16pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    BrickFair New England took place at the beginning of the month and was a fantastic fifteenth BrickFair event! There were lots of great creations to see, not to mention games to play, seminars to attend, and people to talk to. BZPower was there to document the MOCs on display, and now it's time to share them with you all. Read on to check them out!

    Bionicle had a great presence at the event, thanks to BZPower, BioniLUG, and some local fans who happened to be very prolific builders. There were a lot of great creations on display and even quite a few new ones. While we didn't take over the show like at BrickUniverse, we were definitely a strong presence.

    The theme for BrickFair this year is Love, and there were quite a few creations in New England that fit the bill. There was quite a variety, considering the constrictions of the theme - it's always great to see builders thinking outside the box!

    Pop Culture
    Often the home of Star Wars and Halo MOCs, Pop Culture in New England featured plenty of those, in addition to a lot of great Superhero creations as well. Destiny was another popular inspiration, as were a couple other videogames and TV shows.

    As you'd expect, the military section was full of MOCs of war machines from many different time periods, as well as dioramas recreating famous battles. There was a good mix of modern, colonial, and even medieval conflicts represented, which is great to see!

    Great Ball Contraption
    I heard from some of the ball-pit-slaves (their term, not mine) that the GBC practically ran itself this time around. There were a lot of awesome modules, and while some may be familiar to East Coast convention-goers, there were a few new ones thrown in to mix things up.

    Micro, Sculpture, & Vignette
    There was a little bit of everything mixed into this section, with some great little dioramas and microscale creations.

    For a theme that started out as using bricks or plates to represent a single-colored pixel, mosaics have really evolved into some amazing creations. The different techniques used to represent texture, depth, color, and shapes are really inspiring!

    Town & Train
    There wasn't a whole lot to see in this section, but all the creations here were great.

    There was unfortunately a dearth of Space MOCs at this event, but the couple that were there were incredible! It was awesome to see the giant space ships get reassembled out of their component parts to form some truly awesome creations.

    Like the two themes above, there were not a lot of dedicated castle MOCs in New England, but there were still some very impressive creations that are well worth giving a look!

    The convention within a convention, Mini-Con has really taken off since last year. It's fun to look through all the minilanders and find little versions of people at the convention as well as all the pop culture characters. Of course, the miniature versions of the MOCs are also great to check out, with lots of interesting techniques put into use.

    The New England LEGO Users Group was back at BrickFair with a great town and train display. The buildings were impressive, but the little easter eggs hidden throughout the layout really took it to the next level.

    For everything else that defies categorization, we've got mixed. There was a little bit of everything here, from crazy-colored space stations to arctic research facilities.

    Clone Wars
    This is the second event where BrickFair has worked to educate the public on the evils of clone brands. The plastic is gross, but the writing is witty. Check them out!

    BrickFair New England was a blast in 2015! It's always great to go to a convention and surround yourself with like-minded fans. If there's a BrickFair, or any other LEGO fan convention, near you, you owe it to yourself to go check it out!

    Discuss This Story

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