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    BrickUniverse Raleigh 2016 Wrapup
    BZPowerThursday, April 21st, 2016 at 3:03pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    We fell way behind on convention coverage in the second half of last year, but we haven't forgotten about all of those events. We're going to start with the most recent events and work our way backwards, and that means today we're taking a look at BrickUniverse Raleigh 2016. This was the second time the event was held, and it saw a large increase in the amount of AFOLs in attendance and MOCs on display. We already shared a couple of videos from the event, so now it's time to check out the creations that were on display. Read on to check them all out!

    Fan Zone
    The general catch-all for things that didn't fall into any other groups, the Fan Zone featured a variety of MOCs from a plethora of different themes. Bionicle was well-represented for the second year in a row, continuing the trend. There were also some awesome mecha, some cool military models, vignettes, some impressive DUPLO creations, and a little bit of everything else. It was nice to see more variety this time around, and I hope that continues in future years.

    BZPower & BioniLUG
    We had a great collection of YOUR MOCs on display in the BZPower and BioniLUG section of the Fan Zone. This was the first event our new blacklight display made an appearance at, and I think it turned out great. All of the other creations were excellent to see as well, with a good collection of returning favorites and new builds to mix things up. These displays are so great because you guys send MOCs in, so make sure you check out the 2016 Convention Circuit topic to see how you can get your creations to appear at other events later this year!

    Daniel Pikora
    Danny goes by danny316p here on the forums, and while he's a member of BZPower and BioniLUG, he brought so many creations on his own that he got his own area to display in. He had a great Mini-Con layout, but the real star was the DUPLO Ball Run, which kept the kids engaged and amazed during the public hours. There were a lot of other great creations Danny shared as well, from small vignettes to a working lamp.

    The Greater Florida LEGO Users Group made the trip up to Raleigh to display at BrickUniverse! They had a great town layout as always, with trains, lots of buildings styled after their real-world counterparts, and a huge Renaissance Fair with a giant castle! Their display is always a little different each time, with lots of details to catch the eye on repeat viewings.

    Brickmania took a break from doing conventions for part of 2015, but apparently it was so they could build up their displays to really make a splash. The giant USS Missouri stole the show, but they had other ships, dioramas, and mosaics of famous commanders to round things out. The accuracy of their vehicles never ceases to amaze, and of course it's all improved by the use of their custom weapons, armor, and other accessories.

    BKNY Bricks
    Jonathan Lopes of BKNY Bricks returned to Raleigh again, with some impressive new builds to compliment his returning creations. While he focuses primarily on smaller buildings and more 'ordinary' things, his Brooklyn Bridge really shows off what he's capable of. He has some great mosaics too that help round things out.

    Landmark Landscape
    Rocco Buttliere wasn't at BrickUniverse Raleigh last year, but he did exhibit at the event in Dallas, so we'll count him as a returning favorite. While Jonathan Lopes tends to focus on smaller buildings like firehouses and pool halls, Rocco looks at the iconic buildings that make up so many skylines. His replicas of parts of Chicago and New York City are amazing, and he has built impressive recreations of other landmarks from around the world, from Toronto to the United Arab Emirates. It's interesting to see the different techniques he uses to accomplish the shapes of all of the different buildings.

    It's great to see an event grow each year, and BrickUniverse Raleigh has definitely done that since its inaugural event. It was a lot of fun to exhibit at and there was no shortage of great creations to check out. If you're in the area, mark your calendars to come next year and join in the fun!

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