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    Discuss This Story
    Toy Fair 2017: Elves, Friends, and Disney Princess
    Hot Bionicle NewsTuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 10:33pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    We already covered the DC Superhero Girls minidoll-based playtheme earlier, and now it's time to go over that theme's companions: Elves, Friends, and Disney Princess. All three ranges have some awesome sets in 2017, with a variety of new parts and colors. There's a lot to see, so read on to check it all out!


    Toy Fair 2017 Elves 01

    41181 Naida's Gondola & the Goblin Thief

    Toy Fair 2017 Elves 12

    67 pieces. Age 7+
    $9.99 (USD) $12.99 (CAD)
    Available in March

    As one of the smallest Elves sets, there's really not a lot to see here, just Naida and a little goblin.

    41182 The Capture of Sophie Jones

    Toy Fair 2017 Elves 13

    226 pieces. Age 7+
    $19.99 (USD) $24.99 (CAD)
    Available in March

    I'm guessing that this set is supposed to take place outside of the Elves' world, where the goblins come, kidnap Emily's sister Sophie, and then bring her through the portal into their world. I like both the portal and the little house, as well as the net piece from the Friends line. There's lots of great parts like the purple leaves and the different-colored curved slopes.

    41183 The Goblin King's Evil Dragon

    Toy Fair 2017 Elves 14

    339 pieces. Age 8+
    $29.99 (USD) $39.99 (CAD)
    Available in March

    This is probably among my favorite sets in this year's Elves lineup. Let's go over the points: A Spring-yellowish-green dragon that includes CCBS shells in the aforementioned color. A cute scenery piece with an adorable bear and its cub. The Goblin King, who I'm calling Jareth, because what else do you call a goblin king who doesn't look like the goblins he rules over and kidnaps the hero's younger sibling forcing her to rescue them? I rest my case.

    41184 Aira's Airship & the Amulet Chase

    Toy Fair 2017 Elves 15

    343 pieces. Age 8+
    $39.99 (USD) $44.99 (CAD)
    Available in March

    I love the reuse of the CCBS armor as the prow of the airship, and the recolored bowcaster also jumps out at me. The Legends of Chima bat wings also make a reappearance on what appears to be a flying safe, which adds to the imagination of the line.

    41185 Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village

    Toy Fair 2017 Elves 16 Toy Fair 2017 Elves 17 Toy Fair 2017 Elves 18 Toy Fair 2017 Elves 19

    637 pieces. Age 7+
    $59.99 (USD) $74.99 (CAD)
    Available in March

    For $60, this set looks to pack in a lot of value. The two goblin buildings are adorable with their colorful little doors and spring-yellowish-green walls and purple roofs. The carnivorous plants are also a standout in their simple yet effective design and all together this looks like a fun set.

    41186 Azari & the Goblin Forest Escape

    Toy Fair 2017 Elves 02

    145 pieces. Age 7+
    $19.99 (USD) $24.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    This set is interesting in that it gives us some recolored constraction flame pieces, as well as a horse and wings in flame-yellowish-orange for perhaps the first time.

    41187 Rosalyn's Healing Hideout

    Toy Fair 2017 Elves 03 Toy Fair 2017 Elves 04 Toy Fair 2017 Elves 05 Toy Fair 2017 Elves 06

    460 pieces. Age 8+
    $49.99 (USD) $64.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    I really like that this set gets back to some of the early Elves design motifs on the building, with the curved slope roof and the colorful foliage. The dragon is simple but I like the color scheme a lot.

    41188 Breakout from the Goblin King's Fortress

    Toy Fair 2017 Elves 07 Toy Fair 2017 Elves 08 Toy Fair 2017 Elves 09 Toy Fair 2017 Elves 10 Toy Fair 2017 Elves 11

    695 pieces. Age 8+
    $69.99 (USD) $89.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    In this set Emily must rescue her sister who is being held captive in the sickly green fortress from Jareth. I feel like this might be the closest we ever get to a Minas Morgul set, and it even has a shield with Sauron's eye on it! Anyway, the spring-yellowish-green and earth blue look really sharp here, and the playset seems to offer a lot of action features. Also pay attention to the new amulet piece that you can see still on its sprue in the first photo. This looks like a great capstone to the theme for 2017.


    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 01

    41300 Puppy Championship

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 42

    185 pieces. Age 5+
    $19.99 (USD) $24.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    This set pits two dogs against each other in the toughest combat arena there is - being cute! Honestly the two pieces that stand out the most are the slide and stairs, the former looks smaller than other ones I've seen and the latter appears to be all one piece instead of using Technic to attach to each other.

    41301 Puppy Parade

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 43

    145 pieces. Age 5+
    $14.99 (USD) $17.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    Of course the winning dog from the dog show gets to ride in a limousine and get interviewed for the local news. Umm...

    41302 Puppy Pampering

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 45

    45 pieces. Age 5+
    $4.99 (USD) $6.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    After a hard day competing, a puppy obviously needs to take a nice bath and get its hair brushed.

    41303 Puppy Playground

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 44

    62 pieces. Age 5+
    $4.99 (USD) $6.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    This set contains a variety of obstacles and challenges so your favorite puppy can train for a shot on American Ninja Warrior.

    41304 Puppy Treats & Tricks

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 46

    45 pieces. Age 5+
    $4.99 (USD) $6.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    Or maybe instead of an obstacle course, your furry friend will go for a medal at the next X Games!

    41305 Emma's Photo Studio

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 39

    96 pieces. Age 5+
    $9.99 (USD) $12.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    As someone who takes a lot of pictures, even if he's not very good at it, I appreciate this set. Emma has a tripod for her camera, a nice backfrop, and the most important thing, lots of light. She even has a weird computer thing to edit and print the pictures on.

    41306 Mia's Beach Scooter

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 40

    79 pieces. Age 5+
    $9.99 (USD) $12.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    It looks like Mia has lifeguard duty at the beach. I like how her scooter has a sidecar for her pet pal.

    41307 Olivia's Creative Lab

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 41

    91 pieces. Age 5+
    $9.99 (USD) $12.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    Year after year, Olivia just won't stop building things. It looks like our favorite robot has gotten an upgrade and a partner, and another one is on the way!

    41308 Stephanie's Friendship Cakes

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 38

    94 pieces. Age 5+
    $9.99 (USD) $12.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    Stephanie looks like she has everything she needs to make some delicious cupcakes. There's an oven, a stand mixer, a sink, and more. Definitely a lot of roleplay value packed into this little set.

    41309 Andrea's Musical Duet

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 37

    86 pieces. Age 5+
    $9.99 (USD) $12.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    "You tell me that you've got everything you want / And your bird can sing / But you don't get me, you don't get me." - Lennon-McCartney

    41310 Heartlake Gift Delivery

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 36

    185 pieces. Age 6+
    $19.99 (USD) $24.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    I love that we're getting Heartlake's version of UPS here. The van is nice with a big present on the top so you can tell at a distance what it is. Of course there's a mailbox and storefront too, and plenty of boxes for all of the friends. I like the new technique they use to make the boxes openable.

    41311 Heartlake Pizzeria

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 35

    289 pieces. Age 6+
    $29.99 (USD) $29.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    To me this is a great example of what makes Friends cool. This Italian restaurant could just as easily be in the City theme with a couple of small color swaps. There's a ton of awesome details like the pizza oven and the tricolor awning.

    41312 Heartlake Sports Center

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 34

    328 pieces. Age 6+
    $39.99 (USD) $44.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    If you feel the need to get pumped, just head on over to the gym! They've got a treadmill, punching bag, smoothie bar, and more. There's lots of details and interesting techniques jammed into a reasonably-sized set.

    41313 Heartlake Summer Pool

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 33

    589 pieces. Age 6+
    $49.99 (USD) $59.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    There's a lot going on at the pool, it would seem. Of course there's a waterslide, but we also have a hot tub, aquarium, lifeguard chair, and a bathroom to get changed in. I feel like no detail was overlooked here.

    41314 Stephanie's House

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 32

    622 pieces. Age 6+
    $69.99 (USD) $89.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    Since this set is already available I didn't take a picture of the back, but from the front this is quite the picturesque abode. I like the bay window and the porch swing especially, but I can see where the target audience would go crazy over this.

    41315 Heartlake Surf Shop

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 29 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 30 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 31

    186 pieces. Age 6+
    $19.99 (USD) $24.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    I like the brick-built wave as part of the shop sign and I also like the kayak and seal elements. The shop itself is a little basic but still looks like an okay build.

    41316 Andrea's Speedboat Transporter

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 26 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 27 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 28

    309 pieces. Age 6+
    $29.99 (USD) $39.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    I really like the car and trailer in this set, the former especially looks sleek and fast. The boat is nice too, and the little beach scene looks like a perfect barbecue.

    41317 Sunshine Catamaran

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 21 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 22 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 23 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 24 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 25

    603 pieces. Age 7+
    $69.99 (USD) $89.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    The catamaran doesn't do a whole lot for me, especially since Friends has had large boats before. I do really like the jet-ski and banana boat though, and think they definitely make the set.

    41318 Heartlake Hopsital

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 13 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 14 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 15 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 16 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 17 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 18 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 19 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 20

    871 pieces. Age 7+
    $89.99 (USD) $109.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    There's a lot going on in this hospital. The ambulance or helicopter can bring in patients, and then there's plenty of exam rooms for x-rays and the like, and even a maternity ward (a first for a LEGO set?). I also love the big bandaid on the hospital sign.

    41321 Snow Resort Off-Roader

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 12

    141 pieces. Age 6+
    $14.99 (USD) $17.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    The jeep is a cute little build but nothing too exciting, and the same can be said for the halfpipe.

    41322 Snow Resort Ice Rink

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 08

    307 pieces. Age 6+
    $29.99 (USD) $39.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    This set seems to be an interesting mix of a karaoke stage and a hockey rink. I really like the roof lines, with bits of white signifying the snow starting to build up.

    41323 Snow Resort Chalet

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 09 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 10 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 11

    402 pieces. Age 7+
    $39.99 (USD) $49.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    The chalet looks fantastic from the outside, with lots of nice architectural details like the lime green support beams and the log columns on the front. Inside, it looks quite cozy with some beds upstairs and a kitchen and a hot tub downstairs. What more could you ask for?

    41324 Snow Resort Ski Lift

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 03 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 04 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 05 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 06 Toy Fair 2017 Friends 07

    585 pieces. Age 8+
    $59.99 (USD) $74.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    The ski-lift on this set is quite impressive, considering its size and the fact that it actually works. Once you're at the top of the mountain, you can grab a quick snack at the restaurant before skiing or snowboarding back down. It looks like quite a large build and should be a great break from the heat when it releases in August.

    41326 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

    Toy Fair 2017 Friends 02

    217 pieces. Age 5+
    $29.99 (USD) $39.99 (CAD)
    Available in September

    Unfortunately the actual models for the Friends advent calendar were not on display, so you'll have to settle for the box art. It looks to be sticking to the ski resort theme with a lot of nice little builds.

    Disney Princess

    41143 Berry's Kitchen

    61 pieces. Age 5+
    $5.99 (USD) $7.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    This set was unfortunately not on display.

    41144 Petite's Royal Stable

    75 pieces. Age 5+
    $9.99 (USD) $12.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    This set was unfortunately not on display.

    41145 Ariel and the Magical Spell

    Toy Fair 2017 Disney Princess 01

    222 pieces. Age 5+
    $29.99 (USD) $39.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    I believe this is the second Disney Princess set we've gotten with Ariel, and the first with Ursula. They both look good and I like the play feature that allows you to swap Ariel's legs to turn her from a mermaid to a... maid? For a smaller set, it looks like a solid choice for Disney fans.

    41146 Cinderella's Enchanted Evening

    Toy Fair 2017 Disney Princess 02

    350 pieces. Age 6+
    $39.99 (USD) $49.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    This set looks to improve on the original Cinderella's carriage in just about every way. First, it has the fairy godmother, who was notably missing the first time, as well as the cottage Cinderella lived in (complete with a pumpkin patch). The carriage itself is improved, with more flourishes, nicer doors, and a hinge to allow the horse to move from side to side. Another solid entry in the lineup.

    41147 Anna's Snow Adventure

    Toy Fair 2017 Disney Princess 03

    153 pieces. Age 5+
    $19.99 (USD) $24.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    Disney continues to cash in on the success of Frozen with what seems like a pretty basic set. I like the printed tiles but not much else jumps out at me.

    41148 Elsa's Magical Ice Palace

    Toy Fair 2017 Disney Princess 04

    701 pieces. Age 6+
    $79.99 (USD) $99.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    Here's another upgrade to an older Disney set. This iteration looks better than the last, which makes sense since the piece count and price have doubled. The castle looks great with lots of nice details - the new Nexo Knight pointed slope near the top is one that jumps out at me right away. I think the highlight here though is Marshmallow and the little snowmen. I'm not sure if they justify the price or not, but I'm sure a lot of kids will love this one.

    41149 Moana's Island Adventure

    205 pieces. Age 5+
    $24.99 (USD) $29.99 (CAD)
    Available in December 2016

    This set was unfortunately not on display.

    41150 Moana's Ocean Voyage

    307 pieces. Age 6+
    $39.99 (USD) $49.99 (CAD)
    Available in December 2016

    This set was unfortunately not on display.

    These three themes offer a lot of variety this year. Elves is telling a new chapter in its story with the Goblin King. Friends is going to the beach and the slopes and of course staying in Heartlake City. And Disney is giving us some old and new, both in terms of movies and remakes of past sets. Let us know what you think of them all in the Talkback and don't forget to vote for what themes you want to see next. And as always, if you missed anything, you can find all of our Toy Fair 2017 coverage right here!

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