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    Toy Fair 2017: Batman and Ninjago Photo Opportunity
    Hot Bionicle NewsTuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 11:13pm by Danny, BZPower Reporter

    Just outside of Toy Fair 2017, Warner Brothers had a large photo opportunity setup based on their two LEGO-related movies this year: The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Ninjago Movie. All day, people were posing with Batman and Lloyd. At least I think it's Lloyd - while many of us have seen The LEGO Batman Movie and know why Batman's holding a microphone, none of us have seen the Ninjago movie yet (and every tease we had at Toy Fair is either explicitly under embargo or probably was supposed to be under embargo). With so many people taking photos with these two sculptures, it was difficult to get a close look at the models themselves - so it's a good thing I (Dan) am crazy enough to hang out in the lobby before the show opened and well after the show closed. You get to see them with and without blinding light!

    Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6457 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6458 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6459 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6460 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6461 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6462 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6463 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6464 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6465 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6466 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6467 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6468 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6469 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6470 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6471 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6472 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6473 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6474 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6475 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6476 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6477 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6478 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6479 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6480 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6481 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6482 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6483 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6484 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6485 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6486 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6487 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6488 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6489 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6490 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6491 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6492 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6493 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6494 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6495 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6496 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6497 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6498 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6499 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6500 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6501 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6502 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_6503 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7313 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7314 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7315 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7316 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7317 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7318 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7319 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7320 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7321 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7322 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7323 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7324 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7325 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7326 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7327 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7328 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7329 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7330 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7331 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7332 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7333 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7334 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7335 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7336 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7337 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7338 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7339 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7340 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7341 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7342 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7343 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7344 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7345 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7346 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7347 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7348 Batman_Ninjago_Photo_7349

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