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Little-known Member Facts

This entry will be dedicated to as many members as my Veggietales-obsessed mind can think up. You all remember my "little-known member fact of the day"? I'm going to write down as many as possible, some of which you may recognize. If you think up any I missed, feel free to add them!   I have more up!   Still, I can't know every little-known fact. If there's something about yourself or your friends which few members know about, such as your skills in anim8or or the fact that you started a fad,

Happy Fourth Of July/independence Day!

LarryBoy: Hey everybody! Hope you had a great Independence Day. I know I did.   Now, today I'm going to teach you how to make your own fireworks! First, you need a big bottle of diet coke and a package of Mentos. Mentos are mints, and they're pretty good, although you may never want to eat them again after you finish this experiment. I know I didn't...   Open the coke and cover the lid with a big piece of cardboard. Rest a paper towel tube on top of it, and put three Mentos into the tube. Care

What's Up? Larryboy. He's Stuck To The Ceiling.

LarryBoy's hanging above me by one super-suction ear, reading over my shoulder and commenting on all my typos. Apparently, he's decided my blog is more important to guard than Bumblyburg.   And Matau's standing right behind me, looking over my shoulder as well. Honestly, I can't write anything by myself anymore.   EDIT: Ooh ooh ooh lookie! And I wasn't even done yet!   ----   Well, I'm doing pretty well for a person who only got three hours of sleep last night. Don't ask how. Maybe it had s

An Entry All To Myself? Wow! *faints.*

LarryBoy promised I could have this entry all to myself, without being bothered by cucumber, Toa, or little siblings (the Toa and cucumber will work together to distract the little siblings) on one condition.   See, today LarryBoy dug some stuff out for me and made me this outfit, and took a picture of us, and...um, he said I have to put up the picture. *Sigh.*   Here's the link.   My mom will never know where all her plungers got to.   Today, I not only hit 1111 posts, but I got my four hu

Turakii Missed A Day...or More... >.<

LarryBoy: Hey kids! It's LarryBoy again. Turakii seems to keep forgetting about this blog, so I'm going to take over and do it for him until---   Oh, this thing exists? Move over, LarryBoy. My blog.   So, what is there to blog about?   I'm really glad Biomech won in the "other" category of the art contest. I was really hoping he would. The entry was both funny and well-made (although mowing the lawn isn't my favorite pastime). That was really close. He won by one vote!!! He told me he was swe

Polls End At Noon Tomorrow

This one'll be short, because I'm going to bed in ten minutes. (It's ten thirty right now. Me sleepy.)   The first set of polls end at noon on Tuesday. Here's the update on poll #5, if anyone cares.   Currently, the Mata-Nui Humane Society (by T.O.A.) is ahead with ninety-nine votes. Believe it or not, someone actually said he hoped it would keep its place. I can see why so many voted for it---T.O.A. is quite an artist.   In second is Brothers in Arms, by Unsolved Mr. E, with thirteen. It's

It's Hot Enough To Roast A...roast.

LarryBoy: Turakii's afraid to come upstairs to his computer, because it's so hot. It's hot because he lives under the Mangly Volcano or something like that. Anyways, it's hot, so I'll do him a favor and blog for him!   Today, I found out firsthand the best way to make a fire (something very handy for any plunger-headed superhero to know, so if you're a plunger-headed superhero, you'll want to pay special attention to this part). First step, you need a fire pit. If you don't have a fire pit, yo

Yay Art Contest!

Well, the Art Contest voting began today. I'm in poll 5.   Of course, I had to be in a poll with the Humane Society, which was one I had originally been planning to vote for. It's great.   Oh, well. I'll vote for it in the Finals.   There are a lot of fantastic entries. BZP is not only the #1 Bionicle forum, but it's got the best Bionicle artists.   ---   Post one thousand today whoo! I'm going to draw a picture or write a story or somethin'!   ---   I have been officially dubbed as

Drivers Beware

Tuesday the third, I'll call this entry "Mistake" Cheap imitation My life feels like a fake A people person Some days people annoy me I'm growing edgy Wednesday's title: "Avoid Me"   Breathe on me...   Go Newsboys. My mom has almost every one of their songs, and the above is one of the best. (I notice K.I.E. likes it, too.) Cornelius is also pretty high on that list. That's why my last BBC entry was themed on it.   I know a website with all the Newsboys lyrics, ever. So if anyone want

One Thousandth Post, Here I Come!

LarryBoy: Turakii has encountered potato-dinners today! So, today I'm going to teach you the ins and outs of making perfectly mashed potatoes!   First, if you don't have a potato masher at home, you can just use a bedspring tied to a pogostick. Now grab a potato, drop it in a bowl, and jump on the masher! Mash--and up--and mash--and up--   It seems LarryBoy is making dinner for us tonight.   Having already reached "Encountering Protodermis (not potato-dinners)," I'm looking forward to soon

Languages And The Like.

LarryBoy: Hola, amigos. No es triste? Larryboy bailar como Turakii. (Hello, friends. Isn't it sad? LarryBoy dances like Turakii.) I think that's what I just said in Spanish...   Me: It's the law that my siblings and I take two years of foreign languages. We're going to be learning Spanish. We actually haven't learned it yet, but we've memorized the lyrics to Veggietales' Dance of the Cucumber, so we can make people think we know more than we do.   My friend was impressed when I told her to na

The Sky Is Blue? O.o I Didn't Know That.

I thought it was always white with snow pouring down.   What are you looking at me like that for?   LarryBoy is still recovering from his incident with Matau (and happily watching LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed, starring you-know-who), so I'm free to write whatever I want. Yay.   My mom captured the LarryBoy theme song from the aforementioned video, using some of her handy video-capturing software, and we've been watching the theme song video over and over on our computers. Problem is, after y

On The Subject Of Real Estate

LarryBoy: Hey kids! Are you ready to make millions in real estate with no money down? I know I am---   Matau: Move aside, plunger-ears! Let a real Toa-hero teach-instruct!   LarryBoy: Yeah, but I bought a whole chocolate factory with no money down!   Matau:   Thanks a lot, Beamie. You've started a fad.   Before I begin this entry, I'll reply to the replies from the last entry. Thanks lots to all of you who took the trouble to post here.   Air-Master: You're homeschooled, too? Ooh, cool!

Music Works Best Without Earplugs

LarryBoy: Hey kids! Are you ready to listen to the hottest new music on the Internet? I know I am!   Now, the first thing you need to do is put a pair of headphones on your ears. It's a good idea not to be wearing earplugs, earmuffs, or bunny ears at this point. Also, always make sure you don't have slushy or peanut butter on your headphones before you put them on.   Now, we just slip them on and, and click on...I can't reach the mouse. This wire's too short. Here, I'll take off my headphones

Hey Kids! It's Larry!

LarryBoy: Hey kids! Welcome to Turakii's first workout video! Are you ready to sweat? I know I am!   Now, if you don't have a trampoline at home, you can just use a couple of slinkies and an old rug. Now what we're going to do is spring...and jump...and spring...and jump...and spring--oh my!--and jump--oh dear!--and spring--I'm going too high!--and...oof!   Ow. My plunger ear is stuck to the ceiling. *Pulls.* TURAKIIII!   Me: LarryBoy seems to think this blog belongs to him, and him alone. B
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