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18 Questions ~ So Very Musical

First off, hang on a second while I glomp Laughin'Man 26.5 times in rapid succession for renewing my Premier Membership. *Shrieks with joy, then glomps again.*   Okay, do you remember that music game where you answer a list of questions by putting your music player on shuffle? It's okay if you don't, because this has nothing to do with it. Your goal is to answer these eighteen questions as accurately as possible... but only using song titles. No shuffling necessary! You don't have to actually

Next Versus?

Strawberry Shortcake and Roodaka have been going at it for six months now, and both are beginning to feel a bit of strain. Hence, they are very shortly going to declare the match an end and Roodaka the first-ever Bionicle winner in these versus thingies. (Strawberry Shortcake was planning to invite Roodaka to a tea party in Strawberry Land to show she has no hard feelings, but Roodaka had such a violent reaction to the suggestion that Strawberry decided against it.)   So, the question before us

Hold On

Ohh, oh-oh-oh, yeah Ooh, baby Holdin' on...   When you're just a-walkin' down the street And a pole falls towards your head And you scream and shriek and panic 'Cause you're fearing you'll be dead   Just hold on (hold on!) to your nose Don't worry if people think you're weird Oh, just hold on, hold on to your nose There ain't nothin' better for warding off fear   Oh, baby, ohhh, yeah...   That crocodile's mouthful of deadly spikes Might threaten to ruin your day But as he opens wid

Which Is Weird Al's Weirdest?

Which of Weird Al's song's do you consider the Weirdest of the Weird Weird Al Songs? Is it Hardware Store, with the ridiculously fast recitation of tools? Albuquerque, which takes eleven minutes just to inform you Al hates sauerkraut? White and Nerdy? She Drives Like Crazy? Eat It?   If you've never heard Weird Al, you can (1) just say all of them, (2) read through all the lyrics on this page and make a careful and well-informed decision, or (3) randomly pick a song with your eyes closed.    

If You Haven't Voted In The Ac Finals...

Go vote now or Carapar will confiscate your elbows! And here's the link, so you have no excuse!   And now means now! Go! Don't dawdle!   ...   Why are you here!? Don't you love your elbows!?   ...   Move it!   ...   And just 'cause Carapar's dead is no reason not to take the threat seriously! His evil purple headless zombie will come and get you!   ...   I hear his body now... slowly putting itself back together, grain by grain... he'll be here any minute...   Okay, maybe it'll take fi

Too... Many... Digits... *faints.*

Alright, who got all obsessed and decided to view my profile 10,000 times? You better 'fess up, 'cause I've got Elmo here armed with a plastic steak, and he's trained to attack on command!   >>Insert drawing of Turakii running in circles which she has yet to draw here.<<   ...   On another note, I have a Bionicle storyline question. What exactly does Lego mean by "adaptive armor"? Does the Nuvas' leg armor sprout wings/jetpacks when they're in the air and turn them into mermaids

On A Dare...

Why Llamas Are Llamas By Turakii Lavasurfer   At the beginning of this assignment, I knew very little about llamas. Had I not researched, I doubt my essay would have consisted of much more than "because they are not ostriches."   However, thanks to the magic of the internet, Google, and a dictionary, I can now happily report that llamas are not only not ostriches, but are also not penguins, zebras, cows or elephants.   Having been instructed to describe aforementioned llama in my own words,

Questions From Randomland

If you one day woke up and discovered you had gained teleportation powers overnight, where would you go first? A salesman offers you an exchange and opens a briefcase full of alternate mental powers. Which would you look for? Do you find teeth-brushing to be enjoyable? What's your favorite album art? Quick, choose: banana or pineapple? If you could have any character/person for your boyfriend/girlfriend, which would you choose? Should running away screaming be an option on the above question? Tu


Can you believe it!? After all this time, it is finally revealed that Smeag and Makaru are not male, as we supposed, but quite the opposite! Female! And they like pink! =O   How could they fool us like this!? Nobody is going to know what to believe anymore! Next thing we know, something far more horrible could occur --- our darling Tohu could turn out to be Bugs Bunny in disguise!   I can't believe the staff would pull such a prank! Don't they realize what turmoil the members have been throw

The Truth Revealed

For the past few years, I've been consistantly informing people that, unlike about 98% of this board, I am female. Many can affirm this. I've squeaked and squealed over the adorableness of various collectibles and sets. I've weirded some people out with obsessions over strange and girly songs. My art style, which occasionally includes sparkly, pink flowers and hearts, has seemed to prove the point several times. Some members mention having heard a female speaking/singing/muttering incomprehensib

Those Rahkshi Thought They'd Won!

...But Hahli sure showed them.   With a bit of cheating supreme skill and sharpness of mind, Hahli and I bravely made our way through MNOLG2! Many thanks to Master Meca One for his expert guidance skills.   Even in victory, clouds of doom gather over Hahli's head...         But, beside the mysteriously sunny beach, Nokama praises her anyways.       *Dances off before anyone can ask what she was doing playing MNOLG2 at one in the morning.*     Turakii

The Round Robin: Approved And Arrived

That's right, it's the first round robin to ever be hosted in this blog! Are you excited? Are you happy? Are you turning cartwheels? (If not, it's okay, I love you anyways.)   Just some really quick guidelines:   1. You can post anywhere over one sentence, unless the sentence is like this:   Then Tahu walked over and picked up a sock and juggled it until he got like super tired and then Kopaka walked over and said "Oh, hey Tahu" and hit Tahu on the head with a pillow Tahu didn't like that so

And She Left

Once upon a time, a girl spotted a starving black cat walking down the street, threw on her shoes, ran out in the freezing weather, and picked it up. The cat snuggled into her arms, and she promptly fell in love with it, two weeks before her sixteenth birthday.   Almost exactly a month afterwards, the cat became listless and refused to move, eat, or purr. Throughout the day, the girl carried her throughout the house, petting and hugging her, but, depressed by the day's constant discussion of fe

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

For The Love Of Your Fellow Man

I received this heartbreaking email today from a good friend of mine. Please... please assist me in helping this honest man. The sadness of this email rings true, and there is no possible way it can be a scam to steal innocent but gullible people's money. Look! His name is Joe! Have you ever known a Joe to stoop so low as to steal money?       Turakii

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

A Pink Letter For...

You know who you are. You've probably noticed a few hints. But, if there are any doubts... you can click for affirmation...           You are awesome!   Turakii

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

What To Report: The Top 20

Occasionally, it can be a bit difficult to discern between the regular, innocent topics skipping through the forum, and the evil, demonic topics skulking through the dangling streamers and fallen logs, using the forum's face to disguise themselves from Tohu's line of vision. Occasionally, only one noble member gathers enough courage to throw themselves under the topic's waving claws and press the report button, bringing the team of knighted staff with their golden padlocks marching to the rescue

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

The Game

This game requires a sharp mind, quick reflexes, and much wisdom. Don't confuse the outcome with mere chance --- it entirely depends on the negative and positive measures your current mental being is having on the surrounding swirling forces. Concentrate. You can only make it through safely if you are in the right state of mind. Believe you will win, and you shall!   The All-Knowing, Psychic Game     Be certain to keep your speakers at a decent level. The hypnotically repetitive music assists

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

The Bacon Fanclub

Many admire and enjoy the crisp tastiness of a strip of bacon. Anytime, day or night, with eggs and without, even on a burger or stuffed in a sandwich, bacon is the most satisfying food to be found. All over the world, everyone from emperors to canines celebrate upon receiving a bacon-flavored treat. Mail carriers have been known to attempt smuggling bacon out of their deliveries, and doctors often recommend it for curing sicknesses. It is suspected by scientists that bacon may one day be the mi

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

Mylego Appears To The World!

MyLego, after vanishing for maintenance for a few days, is now available to everyone! Unfortunately, all the beta tasters (mmm, Lego) were reset to rank zero, so now we're back to impatiently waiting for red bricks again so we can beg Henrietta for a mason jar blueprint so we can make two mason jars to trade to Beekeeper Bill for a worker bee blueprint to make a worker bee for Flora because she asked for one, all the while trying to remember how to make a honey pot to add to five apples made fro

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

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