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Mom, Buy Me One!

It's bouncy! It's zany! It fits in the palm of your hand? Yes! It's the new Bouncee-Ball! Just throw it--- and it comes right back! Amazing! No batteries! No cords! No frustrating recharging! Just throw--- and catch! A worldwide wonder, sure to keep the kids entertained for hours, and yours for only 22.93! But wait--- call now and receive a second, slightly smaller Bouncee-Ball, free! That's right! Two Bouncee-Balls, and for only three easy payments of 11.99 plus shipping and handling! Wow! But

Emoticons Can Rhyme?

"No!" sobbed in a panic "Don't take my sock---I need the static! Without, my power will fade and die I'll have to cry by candlelight!" But felt nada sympathy He threw the sock into a tree got mad and then ran away to his smily empire ran up with a triumphant shout And, with some water, put out :wakeup2: walked along, sipping his tea Tripped on grass and skinned his knee :wakeup2: began to wail and went once he was dry was stunned into a mere A passerby mentioned


Sorry am I answering not for yesterday PMs, I busy was pictures resizing Dad for time long, to hard reach me was it and. Answer likely to I am today PMs, I time assuming have.   Random spam no topic, bad that topic for Moderators it delete go bye-bye spam. Flame hot is, rocks hard most are, fantastic are members some very, you if backwards time does go run way wrong world around the?   Decipher difficult this is to, for am speaking weirdly I?     Turakii

I'm Invisible?

So you can't see me?   To celebrate our reaching the monumental day of April 29th, I would request every member capable of reading this entry without highlighting to please do so. Then answer the following question: What song do you find most annoying? Once you have proceeded to do the above following, decipher the single sentence before the below and repeat.    Eye of the Turkey   P.S. I'm back. =P   ...   Yes!?

Greetings From Maryland!

Bonjour, mon amis! Amees. Amies...ahmes...ahmis...ahmees...omis...oameies...amigos?   Anyways, so far the Flaming Doves were brutally powderpuffed by Bacon5 and Burke And The Wise Guys. It was all LarryBoy's fault; he's always to blame. However, the Mickey Mouse theme song is fantastic for bringing up self-esteem, unless your siblings command you under threat of limb removal not to utter another sound from your mouth even vaguely resembling a tune.   ...   Speaking of which, exactly what did

I'm Breathing!

But, despite that shocking revelation, ladies and gentlemen, I have found I am still able to function!   Quick boring life update: I'm leaving Thursday morning for somewhere near Hackuchii at a key phase in the moon for Bible quizzing, and won't be back until late on Sunday. I might be able to get on a few times to check my messages, but I'll be very busy hunting daffodils and trying to find firewood so we don't freeze to death, so don't expect much.   *Breathe in.*   *Breathe out.*     Tura

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer

...? ...! ... ...!?

*Steals page from Sporky's book and copies in indecipherable handwriting.*   What is your computer's start-up sound? What is your computer's shut-down sound? What icon do you find most annoying? Do you think Sporky will take revenge? Where did Sporky get a book, anyways?   Turakii

Plausible Theory

I was talking to Lady Kopaka last night, and as we exchanged ideas, we suddenly hit upon our very first collaborated, and possibly true, Bionicle theory.   The Zamor are actually bald Tribbles.   Proof:   Greg said the Bahrag made the Krana, which were a form of projectile, and both Krana and Zamor are available in green. Obviously, the Krana are some form of squishy mutant Tribble, which the Bahrag enslaved through telepathic suggestion and forced to command their Bohrok armies.   As eve

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Bionicle - Part 2

For some, being a Toa of Air feels too carefree. Some consider those who tried the previous instructions to be airheaded and flighty, and others say the instructions were obviously written by some green newbie to the arts. These people prefer to keep their feet on the rock, and when it comes to life-changing experiences, they want something weighty and dependable they can firmly grasp in both hands.   Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bionicle   Part 2   Stone Toa   Begin this exercise by bre

Hold Me, Someone!

Oh, woe is me! My best and closest friend in the whole world has vanished on me. Gone! Gone, I tell you, gone, completely and utterly disappeared into a pit of absolute, blank nothingess! *Holds out hands, sobbing hysterically.* Oh, Veggietales Topic, how I long to grasp your hands in mine once more, to brush my fingers across the add reply button, to gaze dreamily into your many-paged depths, to allow the truest words of my heart to flow down my fingertips into a post in your limits. But no! No


The following are real, living testimonies, each proclaiming in its original way the truth in "Getting In Touch With Your Inner Bionicle." Each was written by a supposedly flesh-and-blood person, who is, as far as we can tell, still breathing and thinking on a reasonably sane note. Do not doubt what can be proven, for it may become so.     I tried this early one Saturday morning, and I can say with absolute certainty that it worked, honest for goodness! After I staggered home and managed to ge

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Bionicle - Part 1

Many a time, as I stroll leisurely down the street, glancing at the various passersby, I feel this odd tug inside. Suddenly, the mailman's face flashes just for a moment to remind me of Lewa, or the lady at Wal-Mart looks strangely like a Great Temple Squid. Then, just as quickly, they have their normal faces again, staring at me as though I just burst into a fit of yodeling.   After much thought, I came to realize that these strange flashes are really the everyday people's inner Bionicles comi

Votes And Sneakers

The votes are being counted (and double-checked) (and fixed) (and recounted), and Matau and LarryBoy, with the final dregs of their draining energy, are struggling bravely through their final round and sweating profusely, or would be if they could sweat, but since they can't, they're just panting and gasping.   I have a question for you. The Air-Toa and cucumber fight with their might and main, but as of now, they fight for nought but the win. If the winner was going to win a prize, what do you

Hello And Goodbye

Hello! This is my blog entry for saying goodbye and hello to everybody here on BZPower!   If it is morning where you are, then good morning! Have a great day! Make sure to drink lots of coffee and enjoy the sun!   If it is evening where you are, then good evening! I hope your day went well! Enjoy what's left of it!   If it is nighttime where you are, then good night! Sleep well! Don't let the bed bugs bite!   If it is snowing where you are, keep warm! Wear your nice, warm coat and eat lot

Dalla Wu Bida Orderlay

Arg wu sentaficate nar dunderford Bida menti kosticated interserd Torphilliate stinded yilla billa zay Wentora yate paravillatiniay paravillatiniay   Dorga orpha dorga billa Dorga orpha stifaleare Dorga orpha dorga billa tonalation fonamere   Nel gorro teleray On tole clah shmunlay Nel gorro teleray On tole clah shmunlay Nel gorro teleray On tole clah shmunlay Nel gorro teleray On tole clah shmunlay arw   Ord ag alaferazah giada ryalla Rean gronalyago lallada Snioa yl

*insert Flying Pie.*

First, listen to the Newsboys' "Your Love is Better Than Life." Like now. Because it's awesome. The chorus echoes in that Newsboys fashion, and there's a sort of rap running underneath the song... it's just awesome. (It's the Australian accent that gives it the ultimate coolness, you know.)   Second, today is the day where people all over the world, at 1:59, run around frantically searching for the missing E. The day when we wonder if we should get out our recipe books. The day mathematicians e

Finished, Back To Work

I finished Halo last night, so I'm back to answering my messages. The inbox is still full, though, so don't write me back (unless you like getting the error message; then you can write me as much as you want). As soon as I get everything answered, I'll unfullify it.   TLH managed to beat him to one of the messages, but the last two...   So that's why the roof caved in yesterday...   On another note, kamikaze onions are truly something to be feared. Never, ever walk through a garden withou

Quick Update

Should I start this blog off with a question...? Or should I say what's on my mind? Add a cello here to add a sad impression...   I just wanted to mention I'm about a week behind on PMs. I've recently gotten myself hooked on a certain video game and have been playing that during my computer time instead of answering messages. (Shame on me! *Smacks forehead.*)   As soon as I finish the game (I'm almost done, hurrah!), I'll begin answering my lovely little personal messages. They're so fuzzy...
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