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I did an art

Slinky through this linky on over to the comics forum to have a peak! More to come maybe? Possibly? Who knows! The inner machinations of my mind are an engima. If I do continue it, I'm thinking of maybe having permanent guest stars positions, just for ol' times sake.   --Akaku: Master of Flight

Update on things

Hey y'all! Been a while since I've really given much an update here. I know there has been a lot of these sorta posts here in recent years, but I figured it's my turn to sincerely thank you all for making this considerable chunk of my childhood so enjoyable. Seriously, I'll never forget the time I spent here, however brief and distant those days now feel. That so many people gave me nothing but support to my art in its earliest, roughest years, that my fiancée and many of my best friends I still

Sick :(

Apparently this week I am a Toa of mucus with the mask of uncontrollable coughing. I can't say I recommend these powers. I'm pretty sure this is how Hewkii felt in MNOG after using those infected Kholii balls. I was planning on participating in Inktober, but this cold kinda put a stop to those plans before they even began... Fern reassures me that nobody will mind if I start late, so maybe I will once I'm feeling better. The temperature has really dropped quickly here in Vancouver. How

I've felt a great disturbance in the forums

As if millions of posts cried out in terror, and were suddenly discounted...   ...Press F to pay respects to all the pre-dataclysm forum posts which were removed from our post counts in the board upgrade Mine used to be around 2750, but has been reduced to a mere 310. How much did your post counts change? Some peoples post counts may actually be higher now, as all content like status updates and blog posts now counts towards it. Silver lining? --Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight in General

Blogs Blog 1495: ONLINE

How much Blog could a woodchuck blog if a woodchuck could chuck Blog? I'm glad BZP is back up and running. Update time! So I've been up to a lot lately. Off and on for the past few years I've been taking a part time/continuing studies program for learning how to make graphic novels, but this fall they announced they were transferring over to a full-time year long intensive graphic novel program. Given how much additional content was being added, how much the courses have developed (my

Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight in General

Ten Years

Well, todays the day, for another few minutes anyways. My BZPower account is now over a decade old!   It's crazy to think I've been on here this long. Granted, I've been surfing here much longer, since the year BZPower was advertised back on Lego.com during the Metru-nui days, it was right before the Hordika came out I believe. I remember finding Lady Kopaka's art, Roa Mc Toa's MOC's and The Editorialist's comics over the years, and getting absolutely hooked on the site because of the

Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight in General

Engaged! ^^

Today is a wonderful day! I'm up at the cottage with my dearly beloved Lauren (known as Inferna Firesword on here!), and I just proposed to her. She said yes!   Crazy to think I'm going to get married to someone I met on this website about nine years ago this month if we remember things correctly big thanks to everyone here at BZP who've run the site, as I never would've met her without you   --Akaku: Master of Flight

Hey Inferna

Love you :3     (that's right I'm jumping on this fad and there aint nothing ya'll can do about it)     So! Some news. Few days ago I finished page 15 of LoTN, most of those who read the comic have probably already seen it by now, but if your curious you can find it Here   Also, me and the group over at Terrible Comics Corp. have been doing some brainstorming and plan formulating moving forward; things kind of got a little out of hand along the way, thoug

I've figured it out.

Image Link     So due to popular demand (and by popular demand I mean by like three people) Terrible comics will be returning soon, so stay tuned   Also, I did another page of Legends of Taladi Nui, you can see it over here!   That's about all for now. Oh, also, never mentioned it here before, but I make scale WW2 models from time to time, there's a bunch I'm probably going to finish soon. Anyone interested in seeing them?   --Akaku: Master of

Requests are finished!

Requests are all done! Sorry that it took a while this time, decided to put more effort into them then I was originally planning to   So, lets get started! I drew them in the order they were requested.   1 - Voltex: Two Protectors This one was interesting. You may notice this piece has cleaner linework then the rest, mostly because the program decided to crash halfway through, the one time I forgot to save frequently of course. Instead of using a lucky screengrab direct

The Blogmobile gets a facelift.

So, just thought I'd let you know I've stayed up working hard on the requests, on the next LoTN page, and giving my Blog a bit of a much needed facelift; Perhaps maybe now I'll finally get one of those mythical 'approvals' I've heard of over the years   Now, time for sleep... and then more drawing tomorrow, most likely!   --Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight in General

More LoTN for your Lotn'ny needs (and taking some requests)

Yeeep, that's right.   Finally got off my butt and made a new page for my hand drawn comic series (I remember when that used to be a rare deal around here, but now comics in general seem to be rare :c), you can have a look at it over here! If you have any thoughts and such on the new page, popping a post down over there on that topic would make my day, and guarantee you to be a pretty cool guy(or girl) who doesn't afraid of anything.   In other news, things have been going pr

Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight in LoTN

The Blogmobile is out of the shop.

That's right!   Thanks to B6 (and Dimensioneer behind the scenes from the sounds of things) for helping me sort out Premier membership stuffs; Not sure what went wrong there, but im happy that it got all sorted out   Anyways, some news; LoTN is back up and running (with four new pages I've made in the last week, three last night! ), and im thinking of taking more requests in the near future. Also, I'm most likely going to be at Brickcon again this year, cant wait to meet ev

Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight in General

Activity increasing!

Drawing more again! Well, truth been told, I've been drawing a lot this entire time, just for my Graphic Novel program I'm enrolled in rather then Bionicles. but instead of using my free time playing video games, my mood has swayed back to that in which I do best; Bionicle Art! =P   So, TC will get proper maintenance again very soon (sorry about that), and I shall resume production of LoTN comics in the near future.   Here's a sneak-peak!   Wait, no, hold on a secon

Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight in LoTN

inbetween flights

Hey guys, mobile bzp is so weird! Ill respond to yall's pms once im back on a desktop around this time tommorow. Right now im at calgary international airport, between a connected flight from vancouver to my home in ontario, where ill be visiting my family for the holidays. Quite excited!   So... ive got around 40 minutes to kill, so ill talk about things.   Terrible comics is off to a terrible start, really. But it was to be expected hopfully we get less terrible as time go

Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight in General

Requests, as Requested.

Sorry for taking so long. Schoolwork, general life and other things took priority; I could've probably had the next LoTN comic up by now, but I decided id finish off the requests for you guys first   Request 1: "The Team", for Pohatu: Master of Stone. Link   This one took quite a while. Note to self: Limit amount of characters in future requests I tried quite a few different techniques and spent a lot of time on Goreg's mask to make It look black with green cracks, but


I couldn't think of a title.   I feel terrible, and cant sleep, or think of what to do... maybe i'll draw a bit, finish that picture for the art contest (even though its too late to enter), or work on LoTN's description thing... We'll see.   I should probably say something important here... I'm taking bionicle requests. My brother and others keep telling me i should take commissions, but i don't like charging people money for a skill I don't feel I've fully mastered yet... if

Coming soon: Terrible Comics!

No, I'm not talking about Legends of Taladi Nui, hopefully... This is something else entirely; Terrible comics, by slightly less terrible people! So far, the ladies and gents' we have onboard on the project are:   - Me! - ZippyWharrgarbl - Zahaki - Itaki (also known elsewhere as Encune)   Potu miiiiight also join in, but she's very busy right now, so we probably wont see her much if she does.   I've also asked a few others if they're interested, ill u

BrickCon: Sign-in Sheet and BZP Art Page!

I'm back home, which means I was finally able to upload my pictures from Saturday... Here they are!   The Sign-In Sheet!   Straight from my Sketchbook. We heard that a Sign-in sheet wasn't able to be made as it usually was, so me and Inferna decided to create one ourselves, and track down some BZPers! For those who cant quite tell who wrote what, heres all the members that put their names on the sheet, along with their messages:   Inferna Firesword "I have Returned!

Brickcon: Aftermath

HOLY MAKUTA BONES that was great. Brilliant, i say! Was freaking awesome meeting so many bzpers. There was some i recognized like Roa, xccj, and cajun, but there were also so many other fellows i never quite knew about there as well. Was super cool meeting all of you! Was great talking about the history of the site and dealing with the shenanigans that happened here and there.   I took a few pictures, and will upload pics of the sign in sheet/bzp art doodle sheet when i get back to my

BrickCon, and Comic making

Sorry lads! Games, School and life has a funny way of distracting one from things... and making one forget there was a certain website he used to frequently go to.   Anyways, I don't know if you've heard, but me and Inferna are going to the Brickcon this weekend. Super excited, as I've never been to one before! Would be super awesome if I actually got to meet a bunch of BZPers there, the only ones I've met so far other the Fern' is my good friends Kini Hawkeye and Kagha.   I'

Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight in General

So Uh

Yesterdays, erm, 'incident', may have given me some inspiration...   I'm thinking of giving my blog the name "Bionic Blogmobile"; any thoughts?   (Still figuring out how to work this mechanical beast!)   --Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight in General

Is this thing on?

Apparently now that I'm finally a premier member, this means I now am also in possession of a Blog.   So... Hello? How're you all doing? Just letting you all know now, I have no idea how to drive this thing!   I'll probably post art and things once I figure this all out.... Cheers!   --Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight

Akaku: Master of Flight in General

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