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~Disabled diaries~

Maybe we're all mess-terpieces? I like you, just the way you ART. 



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Art Avalanche, Lapdesk Land, Crafting Crashes

Good Dawning, dear comrades!  And by golly, the months melt by.  I must so apologize for lack of coherence to reply well to such goodheartedness received here, unimaginable appreciation and thanksgiving to each of you! I owe so much to this site, the little, so-loved Lego city! A little homelife hurricane-eye era gallery I forgot about. Started sketch March 2022. I was shedding raretears after a dead-end doctor visit while drawing it, if I’m honest. But I lived through a lot

A Curious Collection of Child-Created Plushies

A Curious Collection of Child-Created Plushies  (A photo backlog blog with redundant writing style. Compiled during the precious few minutes of freetime in the car. Editing sponsored by poor quality control and insomnia.) Once upon a world ago, when I first began teaching myself to sew and draft patterns for plush toys, my mom mentioned I should take a photo with myself and all these curious critters I’d dreamed (dragged?) into existence. At the time I said I couldn’t becaus
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