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I like you, just the way you ART. 

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Mushy the Mushroom

Mushy the Mushroom

T-Rex Train, Sock Octopus, Phone Loan, & Hospital Adventure on My Own?

T-Rex Train Video My dad has proven not to be steadfast around balloons again They have the peculiar habit of swooning him Understandably, however What a guilty pleasure ...a T-Rex as light as a feather! (Dad’s antique toy train, balloons attached with dental floss, a snapped dowel, a giant zip tie and tape. Metal insulation tape track toothpicked down, fishing line to drag him across the ground.) And the BTS mess: Dino Derailment Video Had to make a

Painting, Panda Pumpkin + Plant Lanterns

Just some artstuffs!    9X12 Lop ear bunny, finished last month. Acrylic, pencil and watercolor paper. I feel like the leaves look kind of odd/over-detailed....The reference photo had a bokeh background. It's so hard to decide when it's done.  Drawing time:? Painting time 31 hours. A happy little pumpkin panda with bamboo. White wood fill markers and black china markers will stick to pumpkin skin (Yaygaragestuff) . That color wheel feel when an art idea materi

Mushy the Mushroom

Mushy the Mushroom

Sugar Plum Poppy, Baby’s 1st Xmas, and Wintery Weirdness.

Sugar Plum Poppy! Her Christmas gift. Wanted to make a camo cardigan for Pug, but he’s sometimes a fashionably disagreeable little slug.  6.5 hours Made from a shrunken thermal shirt, scraps, and serged 3x fullness skirt from grandma’s basement gingham roll.  Pops, being a gracious midnight-thirty model.  Decorating Without: A fireplace, a plan, energy, budget, indoor lights Or a tree! ♫Every morning, every evening Ain't we got fun? Not mu

A Bionicle Flower Crown

Just a crown. Not really worth posting, definitely not in a topic, but I had a merry time with it. The back is held together with a tiny rubber band (Also one piece on the front, because it was broken). Should Bionicle be fashion? Yes. Should Bionicle be fashion in this manner? No, probably not. But that definitely did not prevent me from going totally fantasy-medieval-princess with it.   Yay for tablecloth capes, letter opener daggers, that plush bear that frighte

Mushy the Mushroom

Mushy the Mushroom

Cake, shirt, life.

..Rareactualreallifeentry.. It has been wild lately. Medical TMI warning, I’m sorry in advance. But first, a of couple creations. Just a shirt and chess-cake cheesecake for my brother. Stoked that he finally was able to visit. The cake was really rough-looking.I made charcoal-dyed lemon butter-mint dough to cover it because I didn’t have fondant. Kind of floppy and hard to work with, and was totally last-minute.  Finally got to apply some newly-learned sewing techniques

FaceFaceMask Tutorial and Other Weirdness

Just a vague tutorial, recent random artstuffspam and things. So a lot of months ago I made a mini costume 3D face-face mask just to see if it was possible.  Wanted to try again on a larger one for someone else aka my mom the test subject, so here’s how to make one, if you’d like. Supplies: One cotton face mask that matches the skin tone of the human model. I used a one-layer mask so the paint wouldn’t stain the lining. Paint mask before sewing to lining for multiple layers.

Art, Archery, & Antiquated Attire

Pencil pictures,  9x12s on watercolor paper. First try at using a mechanical pencil after basic shading and stuff with Ticonderogas . Probably a frowned upon method (?) but it bringeth this uneducated one much joy.  (Topic for the one.)   In September my mom bestowed these tapestry runners to me for fun dissection, destruction and dismemberment. Later became a laced bodice thanks to an old waterbed sheet, leather scraps and ribbon from my grandma’s basement.   Then it needed a

Baby Bloom, A Child from Acorn Squash, + Pumped about Stumps

‘Ello! Can’t sleep, might as well pile it up in a big blog heap.  9x12, Ticonderoga, mechanical pencil, watercolor paper. Unknown public-domain-reference subjects, except one with my grandma’s floofy dog + mysterious dog, presumably from another relative...?    I did a bad thing.  Sneaked down the street and stole a sign at 11 at night.  Forgot the wire cutters, took a second trip with double the fright.  Drew the cat, zip tied the sign back.

Mushy the Mushroom

Mushy the Mushroom in cinnamon toast?

Astroturf Upholstery & Dino Decor

Upholstery from $10 hotel chairs from a market years ago, store display crib mattress foam, brown astroturf(?) rolls someone abandoned behind the store where my dad works (people dump the oddest articles there, once even a freezer still full) , PUL scraps, spray adhesive, garage spray paint and two $5 blankets. ~63 hours for two chairs. My mom Never any money for house things or what she needs. It gets to me. I cannot buy it...make it? I'll try it!

A lifetime supply of eccentric mushroom pictures...?

Lesson learned:  If you find some front yard mushrooms, adorn them in various styles and photograph them, people are going to stare...   ...But if you do all that and it begins to rain, causing you to build a terribly improvised hut, they will think you’ve gone wholly mad.   ...Which might not be absolutely inaccurate.   Apparently crabapples can be used as miniature props.   Also, if anyone can identify what type of mushrooms these are, pl

Mushy the Mushroom

Mushy the Mushroom


First try at leather shoes + shoemaking with my lasts. Started them about five months ago but didn’t have the time/supplies to complete them until last week. Ballet flats don’t normally use welted sole construction, but I wanted to try the technique. Used the narrow German welt method. Made from a 20ish year old suede jacket (outer and lining), ¼” thick veg tan leather (insoles, outsoles, welt), faux leather (stiffener), ¼” wide leather reinforcement tape, ⅛ in thick cork (filler), ba

A Clutter of Creations + The Child + Creatures

It appears as though it’s maybe time to resume aimlessly cluttering the region with creations... 4x5.75” Beta fish, acrylic on watercolor paper, done for greeting cards.  Brain: A small painting will be faster....Reality: Spends 22 hours gleefully obsessing over the details.  And a few somewhat recent 9x12 pencil drawings that I remembered to scan but forgot to watermark...oh well... (French seams)  Went to Walmart to buy a shirt...then realized the 3yrd. indigo fab

Mushy the Mushroom

Mushy the Mushroom

Chipmunk, Costumes, and Cotton Clouds.

Recent chipmunk, 9X12 acrylic + pencil on watercolor paper. Drawing time: ? Painting time: 42 hours. The drawing was from last year and not heavily detailed (done with a flashlight during a road trip).   Drawings from the past few months, 9x12s. I lacked access to a reference photo for one of them, so that accidentally resulted in a drawing of me as a mere primordial mush’. The last two are smaller, old/not very good (2018-2019, flashlight car art) ones with some newly added

Baby Ducks with Swords Flying Airplanes to Dollar General?

[Translation: Lacked a quality title.] A little art. 9x12's, Ticonderogas, and mechanical on watercolor paper. Not much blog material this time (mid painting, big project and also just staring at the ceiling).  Ninja-inspired outfit made from scraps of unwanted tee shirts (slapdash tired sewing). French seams, mitered corners, six-panel skirt and first try at drafting a twist top. Swordthing from grandmother #2. Apparently she would go to fields and use it to cut hay for her ho
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