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Lhikan636's Spam Library!

Yes, this is my spam library. Most spam posts can be found here.   And no this isn't agianst the rules so quit asking jeffey!.....Teach you to mess around in my html....   If you'd like to help with my cause search up spam topics, check them against the library, then pm them to me Just a couple rules.   1. No discussing any of the banned members that make some of these posts. 2. No flaming. 3.No asking why am i doing this. If any of these rules are violated your post will be deleted! Now on to t


all the peep who post in here are oficial members of my blog     update!!!!! this topic will be closed and opened randomly so become a member today!   status: open!


what up it's lhik. yes he has made a comeback and just used a period and is using a new and improved look! which i will post as soon as i get the others put together THATS RIGHT lhik is puting some actual effort into this new mocs

My Back Hurts....

well at the lake i went to yesterday they had a blob and my friend got launched like fifty feet in the air and i was laughing so hard i fell off the 20 foot blow up iceburg

Clap Clap

If your random and you know it clap your hands.   *clap clap*   If your random and you know it clap your hands.   *clap clap*   If your random and you know it clap your hands.   *clap clap*   If your random and you know it clap your hands.   *clap clap*   If your random and you-   Cut off by the staff of bzpower before it leads to excessive mind loss.


well it looks like i'm going Nidhiki again D= i guess i'll have a change of avvi then typing color (not that i use it much anymore) and then my naem will be changed for a 45 day period so......don't be so suprised when it happens

Bionicle Fans Meat Seuss

I'm General Gingus Von Schmitz! I scare children out of their witz! And you'll see at a glancer, that my school is the answer for thinkers and dreamers and TWITS! And in this case I see the shooooooooe FITS!


my favorite person in the whole world just because of how completely and utterly awesome this member is it's just so amazing that a person could be soooooo awesome i didn't actually think it was possible for someone to be completely and utterly and bumbdumborgly cool!.........well? click already!   i feel all happy inside

The Penguin Awards :d

yep lhik is makeing an award and misspelling makeing B) Warning: Horribly Sprited <-- for having a blog   <--for getting a thousand posts   <-- for having 1000 posts   <-- for being awesome (lets see what happens here >)   (spy penguin ) <-- for having my blog approval   <-- for approving my blog   <-- changing your name so that it is the exact opisite of you (for me it was nidhiki enemy of lhikan )   <-- for remembering 9/11 (banner/avvi)   <-- f


I just got back from my friends house, it was me him and another one of our friends and we were playing soccer. I accidentally kicked it in a bush. They rush over and are saying like "aww man" and I didn't know why; I thought I could just reach in and get it.....so I did but halfway in I felt like 100 pricks and my friend goes "what are you doing?! thats a thorn bush!" but I was already in there so I got the ball and came out with like 50 cuts up my arm. >.<


with all the new bionicles apon us i think we should remember the past   and to whoever made this CATS SOULD EAT OUT UR EYS!

Lhikan636 Toa of Penquins

Lhikan636 Toa of Penquins

2 Peeps Have Won!

Yeah it's time for the not really at all annual monthly or has any time schedule Lhikan thinks i roxors award!!!! ....   yayz...   ok then! we have 2 people who have won the "Not really at all annual, monthly, or has any time schedule Lhikan636 thinks i roxors award!!!!"   #1 actop!!!!!!   your trophy:   Norik's prophecy!   your trophy:   (credit to dexstar for the new kick awesome trophy)
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