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My Big Book Of Danerous Things In My Town...

yes i will be making a book of the dangerous things that could take out my town so easily...     1. there is a fuse box near a BUNCH of dead trees next to a GAS STATION *spark* *BOOM!*   2. every year they set up a fireworks stand next to a cigarett store and a gas station...


well i am going topsy turvy for 45 days!!!! my name will have somthing to do with Nidhiki and my sig and avvi well you'll see and i will be talking it green and signing my posts like this   (my blog will not be affected exept for the color and sign change)   lhikan636   long live Nidhiki!!!!

My Locker

well it turns out that i'm sharing a locker with a person who just happens to be a girl who just happens to like putting up posters and pics of guys talk about humiliating >_<   (i say just happens cus i think everything at school is planned out >.>....<.<)     lhikan636

New Trend!

well i got this new trend i hope it spreds!   introdusing the fuzum! fuzum!!! here is the adoption form   name of the fuzum: color/colors: gender: where you will put your fuzum:   now exepting any colors! and multi colors! and sizes!!!!! (if you have no place to put them you can have them live here or with a friend )

Lhikan636 Toa of Penquins

Lhikan636 Toa of Penquins


i don't know why but im really hyper and slaphappy just kinda hard to explain what i feel the reason im so happy i got a B on my math homework when everyone else got a D or lower

Lhikan636 Toa of Penquins

Lhikan636 Toa of Penquins


this is a special award for people who i think are cool there might be more than one person   and today the awesome people are dexstar and nujacko toa of ice!   congrats! here are your awards  

Lhikan636 Toa of Penquins

Lhikan636 Toa of Penquins

Chatspeak Removed

Do not use chatspeak. -B6 well here is the contest guess the song!!!! ok here it is   dododododododododododododododdododododdoeoddododododdodo ok guess!   just kidding here is the real thing   [good singing voice]i remember when i remember i remember when i lost my mind there was somthing so pleasant about that place even your emotion had an echo and so much space space space oooooooooooh and then your out there without a care yeah i withouth a touch but it wasnn't because i didn't know

Goodbye Lhikan's First Toa Team

it seems that lhikans first toa team has been going down hill lately i am afraid that i am going to have to shut er down but all the people here will go down in history i will start to make a special artwork thing in ohnor of the club and its members thank you all for participating   -lhikan636 (that one guy who has owned everyone)

Save The Chinchillas!

This entry is devoted to Chinchilla rights!   Chinchillas should:   1. Have the right to vote. 2. To hold Funerals. 3. Eat at Restraunts. 4. Get hired. 5. Have weddings. 6. Own property. 7. Have fair trials. 8. Have notification if their homes are to be bulldozed. 9. Run for office (governor, mayor, pres, etc.). 10. Have the right to choose between public educations or home education. 11. Be recognized in school texbooks and otherwise as official citizens of the U.S or otherwise. 12

Toa Bios

spirit of air! suggested since the club is called lhikans first toa team we should all make our own toa bios you can post them in here


me and my friend live2play have just posted our comics! they are called legend of the stupids legend of the stupids!!!!!

Goodbye......for Now

wow this is an actual blog entry i just came to say i'm going to be gone for a week cus i'm going to summer camp and after that i'm going to a day camp that lasts from 9 to 4 every day for another week so i won't be on for awile and when i am it'll probibly be a really short time so see you later

Club Classifieds

this is where we're going to post stuff like if you need ideas or caractors for stories comics basicly if you need help post here   credit to nujako:toa of ice for the idea
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