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New Quiz!

time for the new quiz   1 Name the Chroniclers company 2 What is Tamaru afraid of? 3 Who does Maku like? 4 Who translates for Nuju? 5 Who says this quote: "When Wisdom and valor fail, all that remains is faith. And it can overcome all."?  

My Eggs

im making some kind of egg things i thought it might be fun (i have absolutly no idea if they will acually hatch ) so please "adopt" them heres my eggs spider man type egg     some random purple egg     heres a yoshi type egg     my weird egg mix     a requested egg by dexstar     and a requested egg by laghin man to of comedy     edit:i am also exepting egg requests

Drumrole Please.

look up to the sky its a bird its a plane no its.....its..... our first mocing contest!!!!!!!! hurray!!!!!! i can here you asking what will we moc? so this contests them is to build one of the barraki like you think they would look like before they were mutated. before you start saying 'this is against the rules" hear me out i asked if i could and they said yes so get mocing!   update:deadline=july 20    


just somthing i wanted to point out i am now toa lhikan:master of fire but in 45 days i will be lhikan636 again   edit: wow everybody cares SO much

New Quiz!

new quiz!!!!! wooohooooooo   1 According to legend, what lengendary Kanohi does Artakha wear, and what is it's power   2 What is another name for a Manas?   3 What is the name of the Piraka's homeland?   4 What is the BoM's main base?   5 In the realm of Karzahni, what are the statues really made of   update:deadline=23rd   update 2:wow this is the first quiz NO ONE AWNSERED woah well this stinks *throws a rock at the computer screen*

New Quiz

here is the new quiz!   1 Name the 6 Toa Mata Kanohi names?   2 In the 2001 powerpack, what is the name of the Hafu's Kanohi   3 True/False: Av-Matoran can change their armor & mask any color they want?   4 The Toa Nuva say there is only one time Kopaka ever openly showed emotion: what was the event?   5 Jaller was given a new mask when he arrived on Mata Nui. What was his original mask?

Members List

this is the offical member list post in here to have your name added   lhikan636   dexstar   nujako:toa of ice   shadow vahki   bionicle deoxys   -karzahni-   BARRAKI STRIKE   spirit of air!   lhikan864   shine   vorik   katani the joker   fightman   Vezonmaster - Toilet Studios   krakash nuva   live2play


here's wat you all have been waiting for the ultamate topic on bzpower THE CLUB BORED TOPIC!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!! ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!! *cricket cricket* ok mabye its not that great but its still a bored topic

Quiz #2

we are having our second quiz:   1 What color armor does the Toa of Plant Life have? 2 What is the name of the shrine that holds a Toa's Kanohi? 3 What type of Toa was the first one created? 4 When Tahu first arrive on Mata nui, where did his canister turn up? 5 What is Matau's favorite nickname for Vakama?

Member Of The Month

i am introducing a new tradition the member of the month! this shall be decided by how helpful and considorate the member has been that month we shall start this tradition in june

Asistance Jobs

the asistance i have chosen have been asking what they'll do so i have come up with sposific jobs for them toa nujaku will be helping with the quiz questions, shadow vahki will be helping me with the prizes, and dexstar will be helping me with the ranking

More Members!

we have two more members and i was going to give asistant to the next person but they joined at the same time! so shadow vahki dexstar and nujako:toa of ice will all be my asistance!


here is the very first quiz!!!!!!!!!!! the winner will get a special prize *cricket cricket* oh thats right the only member is that danged cricket!   1.name a toa from lhikans toa team   2.why was toa lhikan bionicle legends 5 inferno?   3.how did toa lhikan die?   4.who was lhikan really soposed to give the toa stones to?   5.how was the kanohi dragon realesed on metru nui?


welcome to my wicked awsome club *criket criket* ok now if you want to join just post in this blog or p.m me let the posting begin!!!!     p.s. i will alow people to make baners avvis and other stuff for the club
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