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Bzprpg / Bad Ideas



Would it be a bad idea to join the new BZPRPG when it goes live? By that time I should be back in control of my characters in the Pokémon RPG and I'll have done some trimming with them (I plan on cutting at least on character).


I have an idea for a character for the BZPRPG, and only one character. That's my problem with RPGs, I make too many characters and they get away from me and they all turn out boring 'cause I don't have time to develop them all.


I never joined the BZPRPG before because there was just SO MUCH but since they're streamlining it and making it all classic, I'm very interested...


My character would be a Toa of Green, probably male, with a Kanohi Crast. :wub: Crast (he wouldn't be wearing that actual mask, that's just what its power would be... the Crast would look really weird on a Toa...)


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