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Yes, really. Chic-fil-a is currently stocking them, and it's expected to become the industry standard in a few years.


Words can not even begin to describe how amazing they are.

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Actually, they don't seem all that bad. It's an interesting idea; I don't use ketchup normally, but I just might try those out. Our family eats a lot at Chick-Fil-A, anyway.

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I read about these in the newspaper over a year ago, when they were first announced. Now that they're finally here, my family will know what I was talking about whenever I used an old ketchup packet. :P

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If I went to fast food restaurants more than once every three or four months I would be insanely excited.

As it is I am just amazed that no one else has made this miracle of engineering.

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I remember once, in like sixth grade, some kid went around the lunchroom and collected all the excess ketchup packs for a week or so. Once he had a few dozen, he placed them on the ground and jumped onto the pile from one of the tables.


Was nuts man.

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I heard a couple years or months ago that Heinz was working on new packets.


A few days ago, I had some food from Chic-fil-a.


It was glorious.


Step 2: Improved Honey Mustard packets!

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