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So Brickfair



Tickets from Lihue to Washington DC are more than 1000. D:


So basically no way I'm coming this year. The only possibility is if I somehow maybe possibly have moved back to Texas by then, because from Austin to DC is like 300 which is much more manageable.


See ya... sometime.


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That's 200+ from Austin and 700+ from Lihue. So it's a possibility from Texas, maybesortof from here, but it's also in October which has school, though I'll be between High School and College then soooo


I'm not making any real plans now, though. College plans come first, then Brick Conventions. :P

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I think we know the obvious solution here. Ship yourself in a crate. With your MOCs. And add in some air holes and bring a bag of chips for the journey. :P




Edit: Bah, I was able to find some for $900. You could make it.

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