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Where Were You?

Kevin Owens


I will never forget the day that Bionicle ended. I will never forget where I was. I doubt any of us will. Like most of you, I had just logged on. Fresh off of school, I turned to my favorite site to cheer me up. Bionicle has always been a hobby for many, but to me it means so much more. Bionicle has been a way of life to me for these past few years. When my life seems grim and dark, as if there's no hope for me, I always recite some line from Bionicle to cheer me up. One of my favorites comes from Tahu. "Where wisdom and valor fail, all that remains is faith. And it can overcome all."


Thus, I turned to BZPower, hoping that it would be able to shine a ray of joy into my otherwise bleak and hopeless existence. But alas, it was not the case. I'll never forget the headline. "An Important Announcement Regarding Bionicle." It seems almost misleading. I still can't believe that something so tragic could also be so important.


I'll never forget that sinking feeling as I read the article. The cornerstone of my life had been forcibly removed. I couldn't cope with it. It seemed so surreal. I turned to the Kopaka figure on my desk. He had been my first, and I always treasured him for that.


"Well, my old friend," I whispered, my voice barely audible, "It looks like this is the end."


"Never," he replied, "So long as you will remember us, we will live on in your heart."


And then I said, "Holy cow a talking Bionicle."


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I was less than surprised due to the constant churning of the rumor mill. The Stars sets also kind of clinched it; they wouldn't make those sets small unless they were going to be the last ones.


I don't remember where I was precisely. Probably at home. For one reason or another, I checked BZP before logging onto MSN (which is usually automatic) so I'm glad I got to see the announcement in the official capacity, rather than people going "OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIEEEEEE". It did make me sad, but BIONICLE really had sort of run it's course, and I was glad they knew when to stop and what to continue with.

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I was in school, in English class. I had hypothesized Bionicle ending soon. The lines had been drawn, and it seemed as though Lego had already tied the noose around the neck of its beloved franchise. Bionicle was a major factor in my life, but as I grew up, it started to grow away from me. I had bought every set before the Mistika, of which I purchased none, and I bought all the Glatorian and three Glatorian Legends. My interest was dropping, since I knew the end was near, and I had been conditioning myself for it. I had finished the essay I was assigned to write on the cruddy school laptops, and I logged on to BZPower to check the news. There it was, the announcement. It shocked me at first. A large part of my life, a huge factor, was torn away. My face expressed a look of disdain. Everyone near me looked at me like I had grown an extra head. They asked what was wrong. I said "Bionicle has ended."


My friends knew I was a fan for a very long time. Some of them were shocked too. The nostalgia of the Toa Mata existed for them as much as it did for me. The fact such a thing happened was so wrong. I asked why. Why did Lego do this? The answers began to fall into place. Bionicle's story had become this large, convoluted thing. Also, the sets were becoming bland, stale. A new building style was in order. Also, Bionicle wasn't as successful as it was before. I remember when it was just as popular as something like Bakugan is today. Bionicle's end was almost a mercy killing really, but it went out with closure. The story's conclusion was epic, and Lego didn't just kill the story and everything else, and leave us guessing forever. For that, I thank Lego. Rather than let the sets become even more bland, and let the story run on for years with no end in sight, they decided to end one of their more successful lines for the sake of not jumping the shark. Hero Factory may not be what I'd have chosen to replace Bionicle, but it certainly brings some great aesthetics to the line. It's not Bionicle, and never will be Bionicle, and it has some pretty enromous shoes to fill, but I believe that one day it will have a fandom just as large as this one, and I can be glad to have been a part of what spawned that.

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A tuesday afternoon, so I was probably sitting down after taking the trash out, heading to the basement as I lamented not having a desk or a comfy chair, coming on here to check something random like my blog or an RPG and such nonsense, and a bunch of people were going ballistic about something, so I looked into it.


Am I really the only one who doesn't remember offhand what was going on at the time?

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I lol'd


But seriously I have no recollection of when Bionicle ended. I think I was just like "oh well" then I kept doing whatever it was I was doing.

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